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Policy Issues and Cultural Diversity

Culture constitutes one of the important national resources, and is the accrued capital of the nation's continued creativity and ingenuity. It forms the storehouse of human memory and achievement, and the wellspring of innovation and uniqueness. In today's knowledge-intensive global economy, cultural capital is becoming increasingly valuable and constitutes an important social foundation as individuals in the U.S. and across the globe endeavor to understand the identities of others, whilst preserving their own unique legacy (Center for Arts and Culture, 2001).

Cultural Policy

Cultural policy represents a process as well as a product, a basis for decision- and rule- making informed by values and social relationships. It connects to every major societal issue: economic stratification, international relations, education, technology, community development, and race relations (Atlas, n.d).

Need for Cultural Policy

Every society requires a powerful cultural life. By way of its capacity to inspire and move, culture strengthens individuals as well as develops the overall society. Cultural policies create conditions that enable all to take part in cultural activities irrespective of the goal, which can be education, participation in creative pursuits, or experiencing culture. They allow for participation in cultural elements characterized by high standards and


One key goal of democratic cultural policies must be inspiring active community participation in every form of community life, including in the political arena. This implies a drastic redirection. Major federal agencies are currently directing a major part of their respective budgets to select products, like works of art or scholarship, instead of cultural creation sources. The ensuing need to determine which end is most valuable has brought about an exaggerated and exclusive interest in public sector with doubts regarding taste, as well as a federal policy that is more intent on developing ballet and symphony markets than on engaged, active citizenry.

Access to Community Activity utilities

Critical to a cultural life in a democracy is access. Low-cost or free amenities for exhibitions, amateur sports, rehearsals and performances, community broadcasting, and studio work must be accessible by all. Authorities should provide for costly equipment like sound and light systems, darkroom equipment, kilns, printing presses, and video cameras and film within community centers for use by community members. The government must fund essential services like workshops and classes, graphic design, and scenery, props, costumes, and scripts. Underutilized public buildings (e.g., government offices and schools that remain empty after hours) can serve as a community's cultural center.

Active Participation

For enlivening political life, all arenas must be open for debate: public halls and schools should open their doors for community meetings; theaters should present relevant work; publications should accept and publish all citizens' views; and exhibition spaces should feature visual…

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