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Alcohol Abuse (Research Draft)

Alcohol abuse differs from excessive drinking, despite several people using the two terms interchangeably. The concept of "excessive" drinking has largely been a social notion, and such social standards undergo changes. Numerous historical figures consumed alcohol in quantities proportional to those consumed by modern-day "alcoholics." Sailors of the Royal Navy were, in the seventeenth century, issued one gallon per day, of beer, as it was regarded healthier compared to water during long voyages. Pints of strong rum replaced this in the year 1655. The rum ration provided to them on an everyday basis was well beyond that recommended at present on a weekly basis. However, combined with a mug of lemon juice daily, this was the recommended treatment for scurvy as well as a means to sterilize dirty water. The condition known as alcohol abuse is associated with a medical, and not social, meaning. Alcohol abuse refers to a drinking pattern impacting an individual's health, ability of working, and relationships. It is a key social problem in a majority of developed nations. Countries' governments devote significant amounts of time towards attempts to change this drinking behavior, via policy, education, and legislation (Allsop, 2012; Gordis, 2001).

Consequences of Alcohol Abuse

Health: Those who drink alcohol in moderate quantities (actually quite large - about half a wine bottle per day) are actually considered healthier than those who don't drink at all. However, drinking more than this level begins damaging one's health and can lead to serious consequences. Minor consequences of drinking above safe limits are sex drive loss and sleep disorders, while serious consequences include liver cirrhosis, several kinds of cancer, and heart disease (Manning, Smith & Mazerolle, 2013).

Social: Alcohol abusers will more likely commit antisocial acts (like getting into brawls). They will also typically face problems in their relationships, since heavy drinking frequently results in arguments, loss of trust, and sexual problems (Manning et al., 2013).

Career: Alcohol misuse can impact concentration and punctuality, thereby negatively affecting job prospects. Alcohol abusers have a high likelihood of facilitating license loss, making many jobs inaccessible to them. If employers come to know of such abuse of substance, they may be dismissed from their job, particularly, if it involves machinery or requires precision (Manning et al., 2013).

Counseling for Alcohol Abuse

Numerous kinds of counseling approaches exist for alcohol abusers. While each has different methods and theories, they typically deal with common problems. The "motivational interviewing" approach focuses on enhancing motivation, to alter behavior in those abusers who haven't decided to change as yet or are unsure of their ability to change behavior. Family therapy brings all members of the family to the process of treatment, as substance-related issues are considered to be linked to dysfunctional interactions and relationships among family members. Cognitive behavioral and rational emotive therapies are aimed at challenging and changing negative, irrational thoughts considered to induce drug/alcohol consumption, as well as…

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