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¶ … Art Make a Difference?

The arts have been regarded as a "cure-all" for calamities of every variety. Integrating the Arts in school curriculum has proven to be good for student discipline and academic performance. The arts help improve physical and psychological well-being, and acts as a catalyst for social capital and completion of community goals (Guetzkow, 2002).

According to the famous philosophers; Hamlet and Socrates both described art as "a mirror held up to nature." "

The arts can hardly be defined specifically; no two scholars ever speak of them the same way and no two studies have ever yielded similar findings regarding the benefits of the Arts or how they affect us. However, it is undeniable that the very first scientists, architects and researchers had their roots tightly entwined with the Arts.

Raphael, The School of Athens, 1509 -- 11

There are very few paintings that have single-handedly revolutionized portrait making as the "School of Athens" run by Raphael did. Embodying the spirit of renaissance and bringing a new approach to how architectural spaces and...


Every Greek philosopher is depicted in this painting with a very clever usage of symbols that speak of each philosopher's story and contribution (Gottesman, 2015).

Titian, Venus of Urbino, 1538

Titian became notorious for depicting and producing works that often showed mythological subjects in an erotic and somewhat scandalous light. Titian opened the doors to a new kind of patronage and art history saw the royal and religious elite commissioning religious works as well as these tempting pieces of seduction, gratification, and indulgence. In his work, "The Venus of Urbino" breaks away from the traditional depiction of the goddess towards a more erotic, open and contemporary outlook, freed of allegorical trappings.(Gottesman, 2015).

Velazquez, Las Meninas, 1656

Artists had a presence but rarely in their paintings, Velazquez introduced the artist's presence in the composition. In the painting Las Meninas he has portrayed himself painting a portrait of the King and Queen of Spain. This delightful perspective has been a source of debate and new age composition for art historians for years. Velazquez's depiction of the King and Queen breaks away from the traditional style that persisted during that era and shows his subjects as spectators within the painting itself, recognized in the painting by their reflection in a…

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