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3. What are some of the themes you notice in the "Love Songs"?

The Egyptian love songs use the terms "brother" and "sister" as generic references to male and female lovers and suggest intimacy as well as the taboo of incest. Brother-sister unions were already written into Egyptian mythology by the time the love songs were penned. Also, the love songs reveal an emerging theme of romantic love, which almost seems out of place in ancient literature.

4. Did the erotic or explicit nature of some of the love songs surprise you? Explain.

The eroticism in the love songs is not wholly surprising, given that many ancient cultures addressed human sexuality frankly and even using graphic depictions. The Egyptians also employed some sexual imagery into their art, as did the ancient Indians and Chinese.

Old Testament

1. In what ways is the Hebrew view of God different from the Sumerian view of the gods as seen in Gilgamesh?

The main reason is that the Hebrew God is strictly One; the Hebrews staunchly affirmed a monotheistic worldview. Sumerian and other early religions including those of ancient Egypt gradually welcomed the concept of one supreme God without neglecting the rest of the pantheon. Another way the Hebrew God is
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significantly different from the Sumerian is that the Hebrew God is angry and vengeful and wholly impersonal and transcendent. The Sumerian gods are more personable, almost depicted like human beings with human emotions and flaws such as Ishtar's jealousy. They can be approached like people.

2. Describe Eden as it appears in the Old Testament.

Eden is described as a paradisiacal garden flanked by four rivers, two of which are most likely the Tigris and Euphrates. The garden is lush and teeming with life including the serpent who tempts Adam and Eve. Eden is also otherworldly and full of magic: elements like the Trees of Life and Knowledge prove that Eden is not completely of this Earth.

3. Why is there a mark of Cain?

Cain is the firstborn son of Adam and Eve, and therefore a symbol of their sin. He represents their sexual union, too. The mark of Cain is a curse placed on him by God after he kills his younger brother in a jealous rage. The mark represents two main things: first that Cain would no longer be blessed with good crop yields and second that anyone who killed Cain would suffer and die.

4.Why do you suppose Jonah disobeyed God?

God asked Jonah to

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