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Anxiety Lahey

Anxiety, Mood and Delusional Disorders

Stress and anxiety related disorders are often derived of a complex set of overlapping symptoms and conditions. Anxiety disorders will frequently be encompassed by mood or personality related disorders and can collectively render a debilitating set of effect for the subject. The incapacity to control stress, to limit the physiological or emotional panic produced by stressful situations or to go about one's daily life with functional normalcy are all factors which can magnify and intensify an already imposing condition. However, the importance of diagnosing and managing an anxiety-related disorder transcends even the dense symptomology of these conditions. Indeed, as our research has shown, there is not only a high level of comorbidity where anxiety disorders and other more advanced psychological dysfunctions are concerned, but that a failure to reign in the conditions and symptoms of a stress disorder can actually lead directly to the emergence of yet more severe pathologies such as mood and personality disorders. (Hersen et al., p. 350) Indeed, research even reveals a connection between stress disorder or anxiety disorder and psychopathology such as may be manifested in a delusional disorder. The discussion is prompted by the consideration that the comorbidity between these conditions is recognized as being high but that there may be a greater need to elucidate the ways that low stress management correlates to a higher vulnerability of developing a psychopathological condition.

Those suffering from anxieties pertaining, for example, to combat-related Post Traumatic Stress Disorders or those who have developed panic disorders based on some long-standing cognitive dissonance produced by a traumatic incident may be said to have manifested 'normal' psychic wounds in relation to these experiences. Here, "in contrast to 'ordinary' stressful experiences, traumatic or catastrophic events are linked etiologically in the DSM to a specific syndrome -- PTSD. The disorder's criterion…

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