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The hypothesis that certain black persons viewed racism as an all round phenomenon that occurs in many forms was tested. Other black persons viewed and experienced racism in many other different ways. This suggested that the act of racism is more in the mind of the specific victim than the actual fact in the objective reality. This highlighted out the fact that if white individuals were in the same environment with blacks, then the feeling of discrimination would be randomly experienced by the black persons. This and the fact that most of the reported racist cases are usually ambiguous highlights the fact that the opponents of the illegal immigration law of Arizona might be blinded by the fear in their minds that the actual reality on the ground which of course prompted the state to adopt the controversial piece of legislation. If a policeman would stop an individual on one of the Arizonian streets, it could be due to a variety of reasons. Of course one of them could be that he or she is not a member of your race!

A poll conducted by Gallup shown that more that three-quarters of the population in America were aware of the controversial Arizona immigration law with about 51% of them supporting its various draconian measures while about 39% being opposed to it (USAToday,2010).This is a very clear indication of the sort of problem the issue of illegal immigration is nationwide. While it is entirely normal for each and every American to enjoy their membership of particular states, it is important that structures be put in place to curtail the problems that are caused by racism.

United Sates of America is considered a model of democracy by various countries of the world. It is crucial for this image to remain this way. Otherwise its fame would quickly fade away as a result of pieces of legislations that apparently reflect a high level of lack of democracy. It actual appears that statutes contained in controversial legislations such as the illegal immigrants law are a direct opposite of the ideals that the U.S. government preaches to the rest of the world. The obvious reaction would be poor international relations which would then result in lowered ratings in terms of level of both diplomacy and democracy. T is important for the U.S. To ensure that issues of foreign relations are properly dealt with. Certain foreign nations have already expressing their discontentment with the piece of legislation. It is therefore crucial for the federal government through the Supreme Court to come up with alternative techniques that are well researched and tested to deal with the issue of illegal immigrants.

The statement by the Mexican President Calderon regarding the issue of illegal immigration and how they are improperly treated by the U.S. authorities show how much criticism the illegal immigration law has attracted. He reiterated the common views of the opponents of the law that it is a bad legislation and a terrible idea. He mainly focused his discernment on the fact that racial profiling was the main basis used in the enactment of the law. Another example of bad foreign relations between the U.S. And other countries are the various travel advisories that have been activated as a result of the bill. This is just an example of how this issue is sensitive in regard to the international relations between the United States of America and the rest of the world. It is therefore crucial that suitable amendments be made to the bill in order to accommodate views that are workable for both the nation and the illegal immigrants themselves

Alternative to the Arizonian Illegal immigration law

In order to decrease the public outcry on the issue of the illegal immigrants, it is essential for the U.S. government to come up with workable plans which involve no form of harassment and the violation of individual's rights. The plan should be based on a policy that involves non-prosecution. In case the illegal immigrants have been identified, it is appropriate for them to be processed and then either be absorbed or deported on the ground of their productivity and criminal history. It is worthwhile to ensure that the deportees are handed to their countries of origin in a coordinated exercise. When coining a more socially acceptable alternative to the Arizona immigration law, it is important to remember the theories of contradiction and containments of public administration as postulated by Box (2003). This is essential in order to capture the interest and fears of both the antagonists and protagonist of the immigration law.


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