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Military IT: Army Knowledge Online (AKO)

A Brief Reminder Of The Name And Purpose Of Your Chosen Information System

According to the site provided by Army Knowledge Online (AKO), the AKO system is the largest intranet in the world. With more than 2 million users, the AKO is a single portal for active servicemen and women for both operational and personal use. (Rouse, p. 1) The system offers email services and access to mission information as well as various platforms for engagement with others and the sharing of critical military information and data.

Positive and negative impacts your information system has on the users of the system

The positive impacts of the AKO system are considerable. As this system has evolved over the course of two decades, it has become the primary military Information System for the establishment of an internal knowledge economy. Such is to say that the AKO produces a singular destination both for servicemen and civilians to access declassified and public reports, studies and other documents relating to military policy, strategy, history and current or ongoing operations. The AKO offers a greater degree of transparency and information accessibility than has been previously available.

Also, as a system which is mandatory for all enlisted personnel, the AKO is the only intranet system to which every member of the U.S. military is given shared access. This promotes one of the most effectively unified sources of data, information and knowledge on military undertakings and defining policy features in existence.

The positive impact of AKO is also highlighted by the access which it provides to retired military personnel and to families of active servicemen and women. The forum that it provides both for direct…

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