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Art Great Art proponents

Art is not something new that started recently. Art work has been in existence for a very long time and there are various artists who have brought an influence in this field. When looking at art in the 1960s we can see that there are various art movements as well as cultural histories which are associated with this period.

Andy Warhol was a very influential pop artist in the 1960s. He took product logos and their labels from a commercial context and displayed them as a form of art. He also went ahead to make sculptures that were identical to Brillo boxes and Campbell's soup cans. Through his work we can see that pop art posed as a challenge to traditional art through equating imagery that was mass produced in advertising with existing fine arts. This was attracted by graphical directness of advertising and consumer packing which was simple. Andy Warhol is a very important figure when it comes to pop Art in America .this is because he is widely known for his work which is cool, detached and borrows images from...


With the boxes sculptures that he made he took consumer items that were popular and brought it up to a high art level through the production of large scale versions of originals (Chappell, 2006).
Another influential artist in the 1960s was George Segal. He is widely known for the sculptures he produced of people who were placed in different scenes. He referred to these types of works as situational sculptures .when making these figures he would wrap bandages which were soaked in plaster around his friend's or models bodies. After the bandages dried up and were hard he cut them off carefully and went ahead to reassemble the body that had been cast. He then combined all these figures with objects that he found so as to create a scene. His work was influential since he took his subjects from daily lives, places the figures in a common setting and involved them in normal activities (Chappell, 2006).

Another artist…

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