Art Has Always Had a Thesis

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Both the statues serve the purpose of transmitting the idea that Virgin Mary and Christ the baby are the owners of absolute wisdom. One however is highly majestic and monumental while the other is simpler. Both of them communicate fundamental Christian values. They both have a similar dark colour which suggests the dark ages in which they were created. In both cases the virgin is depicted as protective. In one case the interaction is very strong between the child and the virgin, while in the other one both figures interact with the viewer through their frontal position.

In both cases virgin Mary acts as a supportive element, whether she is the one who holds the desired answer or the very throne for her son. Both of the statues are conceived in a manner which allows them to be cult objects, subject to processes of devotion.

All in all it can be stated that medieval art was predominantly religious and that the majority of works was inspired by both the old and the new testament. The predilection for religious cult objects reflects the social and economical hardships of the era as well as the importance that God and divinity played in all…

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