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¶ … lesson plan that was created actually accomplished what it set out to accomplish. In other words, are the students gaining expertise in recognizing new words, and are they able to use those new words to enhance their reading abilities? In order to determine the answer(s) to the above question a collaborative approach between the researcher and the teacher would be the best approach to follow, or at least the approach chosen by this researcher as the most appropriate one. That approach is a complementary methodology that can be used with the experiential approach that the researcher would also use. Designing an action research case study to determine improvements in reading levels would necessarily integrate both the collaborative efforts of the researcher as well as the experiential efforts put forth.

A study (Brevetti, 2014) recently determined that new teachers "have few opportunities to navigate the complexities of becoming skilled in areas of expertise that are essential to a classroom environment" (p. 32). One method for navigating those complexities is through using collaborative methods with teachers that have already been there, and experienced that; teachers that have already experienced fulfilling the tasks that Brevetti states all teachers are expected to fulfill; such as keeping a safe classroom environment that allows


Many teachers and experts seem to think that collaborative teaching assists not only the students, but helps teachers learn as well.

One study warns however that teachers and students both must be diligent when working in collaborative environments; the study (Sarah, Yu-Ju, Cloudia, 2014) determined that collaborative learning had developed an emphasis on co-constructing knowledge and had done so by sharing the meaning of problem-solving activities, but warned that such co-construction cannot be accomplished "without governing the self-regulatory processes of students" (p. 405). Implementing a collaborative approach would seem to take into consideration much more than just sharing knowledge, it must also take into account how the students learn, how they self-regulate themselves and in what type of environment will the collaborative approach work best.

While collaborating on teaching and in learning environments seems to work well, especially if everyone is on the same page, experiential learning…

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A recent study determined that "the impact of poor writing skills also can be

substantial as students transition to the workplace" (Sundeen, 2014, p. 29) the lesson plan and assessment ultimately looks to assist the students in gaining not only reading skills, but word recognition and writing skills as well.

It is important, therefore, that the researcher use all the available tools to assist in helping these students gain those skills. One of the tools available is a graphic organizer that helps students conceptualize their learn There are a number of highly effective and easy-to-use graphic organizers on the market today, and most teachers and administrators are also quite capable of developing

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