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g. Johnny Appleseed for history, etc.). Read aloud, pass out a blank matrix and ask students to fill in the matrix with questions using Bloom's taxonomy -- at least two questions per heading.

Assessment: using a rubric, students can self-assess their work by switching papers with a partner and checking to see if the questions listed are appropriate for the taxonomy ladder. Once this is done, divide class into six groups, each group taking the "Expert Role" of one of the categories. The group will present their own definition of that category and give examples using one of the fruits used earlier -- not just asking, but answering and explaining why these questions are important.

Special Learners: Advanced students should use their favorite television program to fill in the matrix, paying special attention to the types of questions most frequently asked? Higher or lower level? Why? Slower students should work with 2, not 4, comparison fruits and focus on likes/differences, either/or issues.

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