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A mother of 2, Ms. Z is an African American who has in the past attempted to commit suicide, after which she was admitted in a psychiatric hospital. She is 35 years old. Her depressed mood, which has presented since she was 18 years old, continues even after she was prescribed antidepressant medication. Ms. Z has since returned to work, after receiving ECT. It is important to note that Ms. Z intends to return to school so as to complete her four year degree. Given her mental health history, Ms. Z’s WAIS-IV and MMPI-2 scores will be of great relevance in seeking to offer her the relevant diagnostic insight.

Test and Assessment Development Analysis: WAIS-IV

Describe how the test is administered:

The test is presented in various formats, and has several core subsets. In general, the test takes approximately 60 to 90 minutes to complete. It is the said subsets that are utilized in the measurement of the full scale IQ (as well as the index scores). It should, however be noted that in instances where the core subsets are inappropriate or cannot be used, there are a number of supplementary non-core subsets that come in handy.

Describe the populations for which the test is normed:

According to Spores (2012), WAIS – IV comes in handy in the cognitive functioning assessment of persons with brain injury or psychiatric conditions. Spores (2012) points out that the test is applicable or suitable for persons between ages 16 and 90.

Describe the information the test yields:

WAIS-IV comes in handy in the assessment of the cognitive ability of adults. The information yielded by the test relates to the various index parameters, including but not limited to, associative and working memory, attention, visual details perception, verbal comprehension and reasoning, etc.

Determine the reliability and validity of the test when administered to varying populations:

The consistency of this particular test is deemed to be relatively high. Wechsler (as cited in Groth-Marnat, 2009) points out that the test’s reliability is quite high. In the author’s own words, “areas of note are that average split-half reliability for the Full Scale IQ (FSIQ) is an extremely high .98” (Groth-Marnat, 2009, p. 126).

Test and Assessment Development Analysis: MMPI-2

Describe how the test is administered:

Like WAIS-IV, the test’s completion period is billed as 60…

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