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Executive Summary

This business strategy document provides a general overview of the general health care environment in which the Assisted Living at the Windsor of Ocala facility in Florida is situated. It assesses issues such as cost and economic environment as well as health care environment, and provides an overview of competitors at the local, regional and national level. It also gives a description of the Windsor of Ocala’s internal environment with an analysis of the community’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as well as its competitive advantage, with a SWOT analysis providing key differential advantages between it and its competitors.

The strategy also includes an overview of what directional strategies are involved in the Ocala’s mission and forward guidance. The long term directional strategies for Ocala are provided and defined. The strategic alternatives available to Ocala are also discussed in detail, and an evaluation of alternatives and strategic choice are provided, with a comparison of alternative strategies for Ocala being given, and a description of the most optimal strategic choice for Ocala presented at the end.

This business strategy document thus situates the current state of the Windsor of Ocala within a contextual framework that allows for close scrutiny of the assisted living facility’s primary strengths and weaknesses, and looks at the company in terms of how it measures up to competitors and how it can enhance its own strategy to prepare for the coming years in the 21st century and the next round of elderly generations to come into the facility in search of a quality place to call home.

General Health Care Environment

The cost of assisted living is lower in Ocala, Florida, than the national median: the average cost of assisted living in Ocala sits at just over $3000 per month, while the national media is nearly four hundred dollars higher. However, in other nearby communities in Florida, the rate is even lower at $2335 (Caring, 2018).

Many members of the population in Florida are retired, as the state is known for being an inviting one for seniors and the elderly who are seeking a comfortable, quiet, warm place to retire in their old age. Communities like Ocala are a perfect example of this retiring aspect of a number of the state’s neighborhoods. In order for these individuals to retire, in Florida, however, they must have enjoyed a certain level...


As Kadlec (2016) notes, “Florida, which helped popularize the notion of a snowbird retirement, has the most residents age 65-plus.” Yet, that may be changing, too:  Florida “now ranks near the bottom of a new list of states deemed most desirable for folks contemplating retirement,” with Virginia and states in the Midwest ranking higher among retirees (Kadlec, 2016). Thus, the general economic environment of Florida is less appealing than it once was, though Ocala’s economic quality is still high.

In terms of special health care environment, Ocala is considered a strong region for providing assisted living services. However, as Stevenson (2012) points out, the Midwest still occupies the top spot for provided the best assisted living communities, as these communities attract and appeal to a wide range of people and offer solid care services from quality care providers in states that are neither too expensive nor so cheap that they attract trouble.

Competitor Analysis

The competition of the Windsor at Ocala on the local level consists of: Brookdale Pinecastle, which has been given 4 out of 5 stars by Caring (2018), the Hampton Manor at Deerwood, which has five stars, Brookdale Paddock Hills which has 4 stars, and Brentwood at Fore Ranch, which has 4 stars. Each of these assisted living communities are similar to Ocala in that they provide the same services and accommodations, as nearly all high-quality assisted living centers in the state.

Regionally, the top competitors are: Brookdale Alamonte Springs, Grand Villa of Altamonte Springs, Savannah Court of Bartow, the Atrium at Boca Raton, and Bradenton Senior Living. What distinguishes these assisted living centers are their commitment to quality, their consistently high level of residency (it is very difficult to obtain a place in them as they are always full), and their excellent reputations for cleanliness, supportive services, courtesy and resident accommodations year round.

Nationally, the top competitors are: Sunrise Senior Living, with 25,585 residents, Erickson Living, with 24,102 residents, Atria Senior Living, with 20,878 residents, Senior Lifestyle Corp with 20,650 residents, and Capital Senior Living Corp with 15,800 residents (After 55, 2018). These companies have assisted living communities across the nation and serve seniors in various parts of the U.S. with consistent service, which helps to give them a top reputation in the industry. These companies represent the largest senior living communities in the nation, based on the number of residencies total in all their community centers.

Internal Environmental Analysis & Competitive Advantage


The Windsor of Ocala’s strengths include a variety of services and care options, including: 1) assisted living, 2) companion services, 3) gold leaf dining, 4) life enrichment, 5) memory care, 6) respite care, 7) customized tailored services, 8) and wellness services. Residents have 24 hour access to staff, there is always a licensed nurse on staff, and apartments are spacious and maintained by weekly housekeeping. The reputation of the Windsor is high within the community and staff is among the best in the industry.


Its distance from some elderly communities within the region can be a problem for family members who want to remain close…

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