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Messiah:" What major cultural events could we say contribute to this rise of the individual?

Although oratorios were not staged like operas, they were composed many individual songs pieces when the singers would take on the roles of different characters. The focus was on the individual singer, not the chorus. Even the "Hallelujah" chorus is a chorus sung in the name of Christ's birth, a specific event in the life of Christ's story, not an abstract idea like a song that is just about the general glory of God. The singers
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and the music seems emotional than Renaissance music, as it is designed to express joy and celebration and the words and the swells of the music match, rather than simply stand paired against one another. The more personalized nature of oratorio is also due to the fact "Messiah" was also designed to be sung in a concert hall. People came for diversion as well as for the purposes of worship so they wanted to hear about an individual's feelings and see a drama as part of the entertainment.

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