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Develop a get a small trailer free for bringing in a new customer promotion to drive up word-of-mouth advertising.

As the word-of-mouth campaign is running also get brochures, testimonials and even small MPEG files for use on the Internet to further strengthen the expertise of BC in this market.

Roll out the section of the website with landscaping products including the MPEG files.

Develop a four-color brochure that is heavily weighted with customer testimonials and mail it to all landscapers within 300 miles.

Using the call center that is also calling other businesses, start calling landscapers and setting up appointments for a demonstration of the trailers.

Attend as many landscaping shows as possible to keep the name of the company active in this market.

Potential Segments:

Freight and Logistics

An entirely new market segment for BC, this is one that will require the enclosure of trailers. BC needs to do initial market research and business development in this market by doing the following:

Attend several of the freight and logistics trade shows and do competitive analysis of each product that is comparable to their own.

Define a product strategy that can be quickly implemented and build several prototypes.

Mention the concept of freight and logistics trailers on the BC website and see what type of traffic it generates.

Develop an enclosed trailer and take it around to several freight and logistics companies throughout the region to get their feedback.

Continue these processes until a sale is made.


An entirely different segment for BC, yet one well aligned with their core strengths. The focus here needs to be on heavy-duty horse trailers and the need for developing a series of trailer configurations. The following strategies make the most sense for this market:

As this is so well aligned with the current business of BC, it would be a good idea to create two or three prototypes.

Promote them on local TV channels, and also attend all horse and livestock shows to see if leads could be generated.

Put this market on the website and stress the customization aspects of BC as it relates...


The following strategies apply to this segment:

Attend several trade shows and do extensive competitive analysis of each of the segments with a special focus on bicycle trailers.

Complete a bicycle prototype and take it to as many tradeshows and events as possible to determine interest, set pricing and also generate leads.

Contact bicycle rental companies along the coast of North Carolina to see if any can be sold to them for customization.

Add this area to the website and pay for Google AdWords ads on recreational trailers to gain leads from the Internet.

Consider building alliances with RV Distributors to have these sold as an add-on to RV sales.

Situational Analysis

Currently the metal fabrication market in North Carolina is extremely fragmented, and there is little if any brand awareness outside of word-of-mouth advertising. For BC Metal Fabrication to become more well-known they must get the voice of their customers into their advertisements, onto their website, and when appropriate for the given market segment, into their specific television advertisements which are quite inexpensive on Cable TV. The situational analysis then is one of being able to capitalize on a very fragmented marketplace. If BC Metal Fabrication can define its own strategies and execute on them, they will be significantly further ahead than their competition.

SWOT Analysis


Excellent word-of-mouth awareness in three growing segments.

Core strength in welding and trailer customization.

Ability to turn around projects on time and also develop customized products quickly.


Unknown in many areas of their own city.

No website and no mention in ThomasNet as well.

Lack of processes around marketing execution and new market development.


Major opportunities to sell their trailer customization expertise throughout the North Carolina and Virginia region.

Excellent growth opportunities into logistics, livestock and recreational trailers.

Potential growth through the development of a website that

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