Behaviors by Alex Are Having Case Study

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Nonetheless, despite Alex's impersonal and intimidating style of management, she has proven to be an effective motivator throughout all aspects of her role in the company, successfully spearheading the rebranding campaigns of two major skin care products while earning promotions along the way. In the 9:00PM section of the case study timeline, the reader is privy to a conversation between Alex's boss Sam Glass and his senior counterpart in the company, and their glowing appraisal of her managerial presence bodes well for her potential for future career success at Landon Care Products, Inc. When Sam Glass says "Alex makes waves, but that's the price you pay for having such a star," he is showing that executive management prioritizes performance and productivity over the personal feelings of low-level workers. By dismissing the concerns voiced by many of Alex's coworkers simply the waves made by star management material, Sam Glass shows that to achieve success in the highly competitive realm of corporate management, a certain level of ruthlessness is considered to be an essential trait.

3.) if you were Sam Glass, would you invest more time in helping Sander progress at Landon? Why or why not?

In Sam Glass' position, I would choose to mentor Alex through her heady days as an ambitious young businesswoman, showing her that the path to the top of a company cannot be littered with the bruised feelings of one's coworkers. Because of Alex's clear ability to have any job placed in front of her accomplished effectively and efficiently, it is in the best interests of Landon Care Products, Inc. To retain her services for as long as possible, both to exploit her vast well of untapped potential, and to prevent competing companies from poaching this valuable managerial resource.

4.) How well would you do working with a person like Alex as a teammate? As a boss? As a direct report of yours?

In the highly competitive world of corporate management, so-called "Type-a" personalities like Alex's are typical, and one must become accustomed to interacting with superiors who do not always take the time needed to value your opinions or feelings. Nonetheless, I could work for somebody like Alex simply by focusing on my work and realizing that her brusque nature is simply a…

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