Benefits And Shortcomings Of Nikes Marketing Strategies Essay

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¶ … Nike's marketing strategies in the United States and globally. The paper argues that Nike is able to boost its global revenue despite some shortcomings in its marketing strategies.

Pros, Cons, and Risks of Nike's core Marketing Strategy

Nike started its operation in 1962 with a commitment to design an innovative product that would command high demand among the U.S. consumers. Nike uses different strategies to achieve its marketing objective by using influential sportsmen in the U.S. to build its marketing campaign. For example, Nike used well-known sportsmen such as Runner Steve Prefontaine, and Michael Jordan to promote its brand across the United States. In 1985, the company was able to increase its annual revenue to over $100 million when it signed a marketing agreement with Mike Jordan. By using the personality of sportsmen, Nike has been able to record superior performances in annual revenue. Moreover, the "Just Do It" Nike's ad campaign also increased the company self-empowerment in innovation in a marketing strategy is an effective tool that organizations can employ to achieve competitive advantages. Nike uses the Michael Porter (1990) theory of innovation to enhance competitive advantages. Typically, Nike partnered with Apple to develop the Nike+ technology to sell its product…

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