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Biblical values correspond to the appropriations of things and principles derived from God's character and will, which makes it the only system of reference that is eternal, flawless, and standard. As such, these values must look upon the ingredients of which the attitudes, actions, and ministry itself is constituted as well as the objectives which are aimed for. Thus, it is understood that a ministry must be thoroughly biblical in the sense that this is accepted as the only pertinent way for God to be present within the congregation. However, the transcending of practical purposes into ideology is needed and this is where philosophy is able to respond. Although, by studying that which is worldly, man can accumulate reasonable knowledge in relation to the existence of our world, the universe, and the values upon which these are built, this in itself is not enough. Furthermore, although general insights can lead to vast and diverse while as well complex conclusions on life and the world, this does not complete the circle of everlasting values. Which is why, through biblical study, which is to study the word of God, one comes across values otherwise unreachable. It is thus upon the discovery of the biblical values that a ministry can proceed to enacting its foundations. It is thus upon responding to the question of what should drive a ministry and upon following the response of the biblical principles that the former has constituted its divine and eternal system of regulations that will influence the upcoming decisions. The philosophy of ministry is thus the never changing system of principles that guides the ministry in all its choices and objectives. Moreover, it is that system which offers reasoning of action rather than of faith.

Indeed, the matter of belief is not as nearly tantamount to one being able to reason that belief. This is to say that religious belief as the foundation of the ministry without the philosophy of questioning can sometimes succumb to nothing more than a practice of ministering for the sake of practicing and not necessarily as to do the work of God while being inspired by His word. As such, it appears relevant that the ministry engages in explaining the reasons for what it proclaims and it thrives to achieve. These philosophical demands are ultimately important because they provide the means by which the ministry can reach and indeed achieve its objectives. Michael Easley (2007), former president of the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, has stated, in relation to the ever-growing number of frictions within churches, ?We need a prescription. We need a biblical theological approach to defining, understanding, and conducting His Church. We need a call back to the text. (p. 10) Different churches however, while being united in their belief, have taken different philosophical approaches as to how to conduct the work of the Church. Some churches act towards attracting and, when possible, converting more lay people. Other churches become more implicated in projects which relate to various societal challenges, such as homelessness. For example, in 1979, two pastors in Atlanta established a homeless night shelter within the Church. Shortly after, they engaged in promoting their model to other churches. In the above cases, the philosophical foundations of the two ministries should target clarifying the aims of the church, the mission, the means to achieve the objectives of the mission, etc. These elements are all part of the set of values that needs to underlie the philosophical foundation of any church.

If we would to analyze the two different objectives aforementioned, that is, the converting of more people and the establishment of homeless shelters, there is no denial that both derive from a mutual religious belief. However, bringing into equation the mere employment of the two different objectives, one might be inclined…

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