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Legislative Policy Analyses

The United States constitution has stipulated ways and modalities that have to be followed when passing a certain bill into a law. This study has focused on one of the recently passed bill, IN HJR0003 that relates to marriage and social work. The sections addressed in this study have elucidated sequential steps that were followed by the lower and the upper house of the senate. The process of debating among the legislators is critical in ensuring that valid reasons are given before a law is passed. Ideally, the issue of same sex marriage has attracted great attention in the recent past; this has called for the passage of laws to govern the new developments in the society.

Section One: General Information about the Bill, IN HJR0003

The bill selected is given number the HJR0003 and is titled "marriage." The status is shown as passed on March 13, 2014 with a 100% progress in its application. The president signed it into law on March 18, 2014. Nine members sponsored the bill. They are Rep P. Eric Turner, Sen. Dennis Kruse, Rep Timothy Wesco, Rep Wes Culver, Rep Rhonda Rhoads, Rep Robert Heaton, Rep Don Lehe, Rep Matthew Lehman, and Rep Randall Frye. The first reading took place on January 9, 2014 while the second one that saw it being amended and engrossed on the 27th of the same month. It was referred to the Senate in the third reading on the 28th when 57 legislators passed it against 40 nays. February 17 saw the third reading of the bill in the senate as it was passed by 32 senators against 17. Subsequent signings by the speaker and the senate president completed the process of the making the bill.

The Indiana House joint resolution 3 is among the laws passed in the recent past. It was brought into action in March 2014, and it is in full progress after being signed by the president of the senate. It states that the marriage between one man and woman shall be valid in the state. Any other legal status that is identical or similar to this shall be considered invalid. Through the law, the recognition of same-sex marriages is forbidden. Some years before, there were three couples of the same-sex who wanted marriage rights. They challenged a law enacted in 1986, which stated that all marriages should be of opposite sex partners. According to the senate, the law has to be enacted in order to enhance the state's interests. These encourage procreation in a manner that both biological parents of the child are present to raise him or her. The joint resolution language was introduced in the legislature made in 2014.

Section 2: selection process

I selected the bill because of a variety of reasons. First, it affects the social values and the cultural norms that are valued by the society. The bill affects every individual either directly or indirectly. Moreover, gay marriage is a trending issue that should be analyzed to understand the impact it imposes in the society. Besides, this bill affects social workers and clients because it clearly defines the way they relate with one another. In this case, the bill is likely to change the lives and the lifestyles of various people meaning that it is crucial. Clients and social workers and clients are directly affected by the bill because it affects the social values and norms that are upheld in the society.

Section 3: policy analysis

There are different goals and objectives that this policy aims to achieve. Through both the implementation of Karger and Stoesz's models for policy analysis, the objectives are identified and examined.



The two biological parents of the child play a very significant role, and no one can be replaced. This illustrates that gay marriages negatively affect a child. Research shows that children present in homes with married biological children, perform better than all other children do. In most cases, there is no any dispute when the heterosexual stepparents of the children marry. However, it has numerous negative impacts to the children. In the same manner, gay marriages do not portray any sense even when they are considered as a secular institution. It is well-known that all gay marriages start as the relationship of stepparents. It occurs where one biological parent is eliminated from the picture and lacks in the child's life. First, it is immoral when the word of God is considered. Additionally, it becomes more immoral after considering any standards that focus on child rights. As such, the major objectives of the legislation include protecting children by ensuring that they are raised using appropriate standards. Children are considered as atoms and molecules, which should be cautiously bred and be sold like the industrial pets. To gay or lesbian people, children will be considered just as possessions or chattels, which can easily be eliminated.

The legislation also aims at maintaining the appropriate cultural and social norms, which were held in the society throughout the history. It is well-known that marriage has always been considered as a covenant between a man and a woman. By nature, it has been ordered to facilitate procreation, ensure education for the children, and enhance the unity of the spouses. Such is contrary to the parties that are promoting same-sex marriages. In this case, they suggest the union between two women or two men. Research has proven this act denies the biological, physiological and the psychological differences that exist between men and women who facilitate and complement marriage. Same-sex marriages deny the primary obligation or purpose of marriage. Therefore, two completely different things cannot be considered similar. The legislation is hence aimed to restore things back to order. It aims at making people realize the key purpose of marriage.

Historical background

The banning of same-sex marriages in Indiana has a relatively long history. Since 2004, the state legislature in the state has voted on an amendment on the constitution to remove and prohibit same-sex marriages. In 2011, the senate house approved the proposed amendment. However, this faced much fight and dispute in 2013 and 2014. At this period, marriage supporters combined efforts and launched a free Indiana campaign to oppose and defeat the identical form of the amendment HJR-3. This illustrates that if it were accepted once more, the amendment aiming for anti-freedom would be offered to voters in November 2014. However, it was not as expected since, in February 2014, the Freedom Indiana campaign succeeded in the amendment. A state statute in Indiana prohibits the government from recognizing marriages or union between same-sex couples.

Problem that necessitated the policy

The policy against same-sex marriages has been necessitated by various problems in the society. One of the major problems is depletion of the children's rights. Children have the right to recognize their actual biological parents. Same-sex marriages do not foster this since one of the parents is eliminated from the child's life. Research has proven that most children that are not raised by both their biological parents face much psychological torture as they grow. The physical and moral support offered to children by their biological parents is very different to that offered by the stepparents especially of the same-sex. It illustrates that gay marriages negatively affect a child. Research shows that children present in homes with married biological children, perform better than all other children do. In most cases, there is no any dispute when the heterosexual stepparents of the children marry. However, it has negative impacts to the children. In the same manner, gay marriages do not portray any sense even when they are considered as a secular institution. After the identification of…

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