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The "philosophy" in the sense allow us to carefully reflect and conscientiously revise our outlook. The person who holds such a worldview can be said to be critically present in his or her culture, society, and political community and to be truly educated.

The philosophy raises several questions about human existence, their aim, and human minds.

An attempt to unify these various analyses into a comprehensive and consistent understanding of reality is considered critical in evaluating the value of the philosophy.

Since philosophy involves to the study the arguments and assess evidence for controversial claims, it provides excellent preparation for closely examining the pros and cons of an argument.

One of the aims of the philosophy is that encourages human being to systematically and critically reason to understand the fundamental questions of life that cannot easily be solved through the science.

The main value of philosophy lies that provides one to develop skills of critical thinking and to appreciate the major movements of thought in human civilization. Because the historical approach to philosophy emphasizes the relatedness of the philosophical problems of each age, therefore, by clearly reflecting on the philosophies of that time, one can make a critical assessment about the prevailing conditions on human and social lives.

Thus, to sum, a study of philosophy is quite important to humans, because humans do not live simply to adapt to the environment, but also they are thinking creatures who make the sense of the information and try to reason about the existence and purpose of life.

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