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Furthermore, Steelworker leader travel to Venezuela U.S. Cuba Labor Exchange, the backers of their employee to worker visit with Venezuela trade unionists. Venezuela has merely 25 million people as well as third main supplier of oil to the United States. It should be noted that administrators of the state owned oil corporation ran the business like mount streams, set off mud slide so in result thousands of citizens tranquil in their system. Their amalgamation hall was right on the basis of the state owned subway arrangement to depiction its hand along with recognize the revolution and the coup president was thousand in anticipation of over a million people encircled the presidential fortress to retake control back President Chavez in achievement to the palace was Jacobo Torres de Leon who was Guide in Venezuela. Some how, the directors of the state oil corporation began to plan the brutal overthrow of the Chavez administration? The employers' association member named as Fedecamaras called a national sock on staff were in the community sector, oil industry executive offices, together with the PC were shut down. Oil manufacture fell drastically and the old-style amalgamation headed by administration types who fully sustain the corporation in the December 2001 strike. On the other hand, this union was only individual of five oil unions. Labor was separated in due course of the oil production staff were able to alternate oil production recommenced plus the remained physically powerful. To retrieve the oil profits for the people as well as avert further chaos the management replaced the board of administrator of the oil corporation as well as managers called another sock but fewer shored up enveloped a military coup that was urbanized a few an uprising of citizens who demanded democratic system. The subway staff of Caracas along with the subway employees of Caracas are very swollen with pride of their good looking, state-owned passageway system less than 20 years old Carlos Diaz percent combination. Encouragement for outstanding employees and the minimum earnings is $152 a month but subway staff can earn up to $550 a month. Under the new management, the unions, group of people and government executives work collectively however the subways unite to bus routes operated by employees who purchase their buses or vans and established government mortgage to buy their medium union. In addition, 3 million people who work in the public subdivision, 1.5 to 2 million in that subway employees union was an associate of the UNT federation where as three from a different subway workers union connected the discussion other then that differences separated the two unions but main affiliate is the new Bolivarian Workers Force which is a communal and political organization of workers committed to the Bolivarian revolt. It must be observed that merely 20% are now structured. Although, Second unit labor code reinforce social security as well as a law to progress working state of affairs along with labor association. And of course anti-entrepreneur moreover relationship must be led by employees plus it must coalesce development in the living principles of the Venezuelan people 40% lacked any right of entry to health care. The Chavez government has constructed health clinics in the underserved region (Beatrice Lumpkin, 2004)

Moreover, the maximum challenge of current time is the rising disparity among wealth and scarcity both between and within state. The neoliberal approach in money matters, particularly how traffic and finance is handled internationally, is accountable for this individual tragedy. Worldwide inequality has grown exponentially. The ratio linking the richest and the poorest 20% of the world's populace was 30:1 in 1960, and 114:1 in 2002. If this is not tackled civilization risks gross social and opinionated chaos unparalleled in world record. One state which has 5% of the world's populace consumes a district of the world's oil. Global trade is conquered by corporations. They pay lip overhaul to poverty eradication as well as the protection of public merchandise along with the surroundings. Neoliberal expansion paradigm in Venezuela the populace, in popular voting overthrew the ruling oligarchy, as well as declared a Bolivarian revolution, plus took control of the nation possessions. The challenge to the churches is to propose to the people unusual to Neoliberalism such as credit association for people's self-help development have been attempt by the thousands all over the third planet. However they have failed to lift populace out of scarcity. Populace is experimenting with creating their own currencies, or exchanging goods and services using the barter scheme. At the national and local level, some Latin American as well as Asian countries is confronting the IMF and the neoliberal accepted view. The churches have to hold up such acts of unilateral disobedience by the nations as well as regions of the South. Within Bolivia the people are captivating control of their natural assets. The churches in Africa might have to look at this possibility sincerely. By now, a pioneering section of the trade unions in the SADC area has launched a movement called ANSA which refers to Alternatives to Neoliberals in Southern Africa. At the worldwide level, there is now a model confrontation among the World Economic Forum and the World Social Forum or what may perhaps be described as the development camp plus the free trade camp (Yash Tandon, 2006)

Although, Chavez's record shows an important gap between his pledge to end corruption as well as the current reality. Immense quantity of money belonging to the Venezuelan populace has been distorted in auxiliary an anti-U.S. coalition in the Western Hemisphere as well as beyond. Five states of the region which includes Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, and Chile have disqualified Chavez's ambassadors for snooping in the internal political procedure of their countries. Chavez's strategies have promoted dishonesty rather than enmity it. The attentiveness of power in his hands and the lack of institutional checks and balances have led to a total absence of answerability as well as transparency in the government. Even though fraudulent bureaucrats have been recognized, none have been reprimand not one single person is in reformatory in Venezuela for fraud. At most, some have lost their employment while retaining their rewards. It seems apparent that no meaningful conquest against fraud can be won in Venezuela while the Chavez government is in influence. Only a self-governing government, fully answerable to the people, and fully visible, will be able to diminish this problem. This is why the Venezuelan lovers of liberty as well as democratic system are in for the clash of their verve plus, fortunately, seem to be making genuine progress. Chavez's pretentiousness of becoming tyrant for life came to an ending on Dec. 2, 2007, when a constitutional restructuring that would have made him president for life was conquered. He still is leader, but is starting to look extra as well as more like a paper tiger (Gustavo Corone, 2008).

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