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¶ … Borderless Society

Imagine finding out where one's food originated? Would someone continue to eat at the same location? How an individual go about eating what is available to a person locally or worldwide as a result of his or her research? Is globalization positive, negative or both? As a result of this study, one will decide how he or she will eat as a result of learning where food instigates.

For breakfast, one would have a banana, biscuit and gravy and orange juice. In regards to lunch, I had a quarter pounder cheeseburger, fries and sprite. The meat originates from Australia, New Zealand or the United States and it is frozen (McDonald's, 2011). In regards to the fries, they are from U.S. potatoes (Associated Press, 2009). With the soft drink or sprite, this came from the company of Coca Cola in the United States. However, my orange juice comes from Florida where they grow oranges. The banana was found in "China, Philippines, Brazil, Ecuador and Indonesia" (Want to Know It, 2011). All of these products were purchased from McDonald's and Dillon's.

The chain of events that it took for my food to get to my table is important. For example, McDonald's had to pay farmers to grow the potatoes and butcher the cattle. After that they went from there to the processing plant within that country, and then it is shipped to a variety of stores for people to eat and enjoy. This required much time and planning from when this fast food restaurant was invented many years ago, so that people did not have to go into the actual grocery store all the time in order to get the items they need when in a rush. They set up a joint venture with Coca Cola to sell their products with their food on a regular basis, so that both receive the benefits from the revenue.

However, Dillon's has suppliers who are willing to grow the necessary fruit, vegetables, juice, milk and so forth in order to bring it to their customers who buy from them on a regular basis. They also manufacture the products, so that one can easily buy it. A contract is put together for these joint ventures to emerge in order for profit to get obtained. Much time and negotiation is required of those in management. They each have to overcome language and culture barriers and one...


For example, if a country does not have oranges available, then they can barter with another in order to satisfy the customers within their region. In the short-term, this provides companies with the funds needed keep trading with one another. Furthermore, the long-term is that there is an exchange rate, contracts and laws are inevitable in order to keep people honest when doing business. In other words, much examination is vital, so that management who is overseas attempting to do international business is able to do it effectively and without offending anyone and without avoiding fines and jail time.

Another advantage that is worth noting is that people have diversification within their business when going global. This allows everyone to learn cultural sensitivity in the long-term, so that they can get along because of all the different backgrounds that are present within their own country and worldwide. However, in the short-term, people would need teambuilding exercises' in order to prevent conflicts from arising. They can work together through them, and become a better company because of it; consequently, both sets of businesses that are domestic and foreign can visit each other's country, and learn ways to make the world a better place. Whatever the case, they are stronger because of choosing to hustle mutually and encouraging their employees to do the same.

Some of the impacts of this global market are important. For example, when someone chooses to do work globally in another continent people can get offended if one is not able to speak their language well. This can make it difficult to help with communication when trying to do work in another country. If people study the language before going to do partnerships in various parts of the…

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