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Broadcast Journalism

One can hardly be a member of today's modern society, which is tremendously concerned about political freedom both at home and abroad, without wondering about the implications of a free press on a free society. From allegations that certain media outlets demonstrate political bias, to journalists being jailed for refusing to reveal sources, the message seems clear: stifle the press and freedom suffocates as well. While this connection seems very clear on a national level, I have found it be equally true on a local level, as well. When the press is unwilling to examine corruption and wrongdoings on a local level, it establishes precedence for accepting corruption, and makes people more willing to accept wrongdoing at higher levels. To me, that is one of the primary roles of the press; to reveal wrongdoings so that the public has awareness, and to inform the public about the possible remedies for those wrongdoings. In fact, some of the most powerful statements in past political movements, such as the 1960s Civil Rights Movement, came through judicious use of the press. For example, words could not convey the same meaning as pictures depicting police dogs attacking young African-American children. However, most Americans no longer get their news through newspapers, but through television. As a result, I feel that I have the greatest chance of impacting people, on small and grand scales, by pursuing a career in broadcast journalism.

In addition, Hurricane Katrina marked a tremendous change in how journalists approach tragedy. The only issue I had with pursuing a career in journalism was that it would require me to maintain objective distance in the face of unimaginable suffering. Therefore, seeing journalists get involved, to help end individual human suffering, gave me hope. Those journalists and their stories were not lessened by their involvement; instead, the stories were more poignant, moving, and informative because of such involvement.

Because I see it as a way to combine working for the greater good and helping the individual, I want to pursue a career in broadcast journalism.

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