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Awareness will also be created through social networking websites such as Facebook in order to capture target audience. These social networking websites can also play an effective role in assisting the firm to carry out pre-launch and post launch tracking studies for the effectiveness of the ad campaign.

Measuring Effectiveness

In order to test the effectiveness of the MLX router's advertising campaign, a market survey would be carried out before formally launching the campaign. This will test how much awareness about the router is already there in the market and what is the scope of further sales. After formal launching of the advertisement campaign, another market survey would be carried out. This will test the awareness level in the target market about the router. The difference between the pre-launch and post launch survey will be used to measure the overall effectiveness of the campaign.

Additional Promotional Activities

Although the regular advertisement campaign will be launched and continued as per the plan mentioned above, however, on a parallel side other promotional activities will also be carried out. One of these promotional activities includes referral incentives and discounts on installation fee for limited time. This will attract the customers to get the router installed as early as possible to save the installation cost. There is also a chance that customers who otherwise will opt for other network options due to price factor, they will consider going for the Brocade MLX Router. Another possible promotional scheme may be sponsoring events that will be attended by potential customers of the MLX routers. Demonstration stalls can also be set up in large shopping malls and trade fairs in order to increase the familiarity about the product.

Assessing Customer Satisfaction

Considering the fact that the Brocade MLX Router is a technical product, assessment of customer satisfaction is very important in order to ensure quality management. In order to do so, efficient after sales service system will be introduced. Customers will be called on weekly and monthly basis to find out if they are satisfied with the performance of the product and if the product meets their expectations. Moreover, customer service and complain system will also introduced both at the retail outlet and online so that customers can promptly launch any complains that they have with the product. A complain form can be made abailable on Brocade's official website and surveys can also be carried out through Brocade's official page on Facebook.

Gaps between Expectations and Experience

It is very important to keep an eye on and the bridge the gap that arises between the firm's expectations with the campaign and the actual experience. There is a chance of a negative gap to occur if customers are not satisfied with the products performance. For a technical product like an internet router, that is not only technical but also has a lot of networking substitutes in the market, it is extremely important that total customer satisfaction must be ensured. A good way to assess this is to regularly observe product reviews that are published online by the customers that are using or have used the product (List Building Toolkit, 2010). It is a common practice for customers to make purchase decisions after they have read satisfactory product reviews.

Once the problem is identified, thorough survey will be required to assess that what proportion of customers are facing the same problem and the problem will be referred to the relevant department on urgent basis. Customers who show satisfaction and brand loyalty towards the product will be offered extra incentives like free speed upgradation, discounts on other Brocade products etc.


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