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Management and Business Issues There are multiple time management issues that Ruben has evinced in this brief case study. Firstly, it is apparent that he has issues with prioritization of his time. In situations in which there are multiple factors vying for his time, he seems to concentrate on the latest one or perhaps the one that seems the most fun. Instead, I recommend that he prioritize his activities, beginning with school work, so he can have enough time to do the activities he enjoys. Additionally, he has scheduling issues. He does not seem to keep a schedule, which is demonstrated in the fact that one day he missed math class because he overslept. By determining a schedule and reinforcing it with a calendar and an alarm clock, he should be able to manage his time better.

Marc is mistaken that the one other fitness center is his only form of competition. As an understanding of open systems readily indicates, the other businesses in the vicinity of his are also potential sources of competition. In fact, they form the basis of his competition in a couple of different ways. Firstly, they serve to distract Marc's potential customers, who could possibly spend their money that they could spend with him...


Additionally, these businesses could serve as a means of diverting traffic away from Marc's fitness center. In the event that one of these businesses gets a bad reputation (such as the sports bar), people could attempt to avoid that area and undercut Marc's profits.
At the strategic level, Dalman and Lei must consider how they are going to be able to expand their business to maintain the pace of their current growth. Specifically, it appears as though the pair may want to consider hiring additional employees so that they will not have to concentrate all their time on the individual problems related to operations (YOUR CASE STUDY). They can focus on expansion, while others can worry about operations. Tactically, the pair needs to focus on improving their product and maintaining consistency in it. Training and preparing employees to meet this objective in terms of quality is important in this respect. In terms of operations, the pair needs to focus on selecting the best location manager to achieve the company's objectives. They should consider streamlining the successful practices of various managers to make them uniform throughout the organization.

In terms of delegation…

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