Business Decision Support System A Thesis

Yet only 5 to 10% of these documents are readily available to managers for them to use in decision making. There is also the problem of documents not being standardized in a uniform pattern or structure. Managers and IT staff need a way to transform these documents into formats that can be compared and processed in order to support decision making. Document-driven DSS is making this concept a real possibility (Document -- Driven DSS Resources, 2009). Document-driven DSS are support systems designed to convert documents into valuable business data that can be used to make decisions. "While data-driven DSS rely on data that is already in a standardized format that lends it to database storage and analysis, document-driven DSS makes use of data that cannot easily be standardized and stored" (Decision Support Systems, 2009). There are three primary forms in which data can be used in document driven DSS. These are: oral, which is data that has been transcribed from conversations, written, in the form of reports, memos, e-mail and other correspondence, and video, which could be TV commercials and news reports. None of these formats provide for easily standardized...


This is why managers require DSS tools in order to convert them into data that can be valuable in the decision making process (Decision Support Systems, 2009).
Document-driven DSS is a fairly new field of study in Decision Support Systems. There are many examples of document-driven tools. One such example is found in Internet search engines. These are designed to sift through large volumes of unsorted data through the use of keyword searches. Any business that has the need to search through vast amounts of data in order to make the data useful could benefit from a good DSS (Decision Support Systems, 2009).

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