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Business Leadership

What are the significant trends you found in Workforce 2020?

This textbook was written in 1997 based on data the authors had at that time. Now that we are into the year 2003, do you agree or disagree with the various topics being assessed/predicted/presented in the book?

Select two topics from the following list and discuss:

The trends found in the book included the prediction that the United States will deal with very tight labor markets in the years to come. The book also discusses the impact of technology on the job force and concludes that new technologies will create more jobs than they will destroy. The authors describes this theory by explaining that, experience suggests that the development, marketing, and servicing of ever more sophisticated products-- and the use of those products in an ever richer ensemble of personal and professional services -- almost certainly will create more jobs than the underlying technology will destroy." (Judy and D'Amico 1997)

The book, which was created by the Hudson Institute, also discusses trends related to physical and monetary policies that will come into existence over the next two decades. Additionally the authors discuss trends related to the age of American workers and the retirement of many in the baby boom generation. Other significant trends that are discussed include; Immigration and its impact on the workforce, Occupations, skills and compensation, Temporary workers, Labor supply trends in the U.S. And its regions, Diversity trends and the early 21st century workforce, Education reform, and Education, training and workforce development

Skills for Tomorrow's Jobs

Workforce 2020 argues that the workforce of the future will be driven by technology and that workers must have technological skills. The authors of the book believe that the demand for skilled labor will increase dramatically in the future. A review of Workforce 2020 explains that the book, argues that the American voter has come to expect a booming economy and that only a buoyant economy with a strong labor market will prevent protectionism. If companies are unable to find the workers they need in the United States, then they will move offshore, a threat already voiced by Microsoft in arguing for availability of more H1-B visas -- visas issued for highly skilled workers." (Kippen & McDonald 2000)

According to this quote the authors seem to believe that the skill sets that will be required in the 21st century may be occupied by foreigners. Many organizations choose to hire foreigners because they do not have to pay them as much as American Citizens. In other words Workforce 2002 is predicting that American companies will become so desperate for cheap labor that they will begin to employ foreigners instead of Americans that have the same skills.

A definitely agree with the authors assertions about the increase in skills that are required for the 21st century worker. It has been evident in the past year that many technological jobs are being offered to foreigners. Not only are foreigners coming to America and acquiring these jobs but many firms have opened up offices in other countries with the purpose of hiring cheap labor. This trend comes at a time when workers in the United States are being fired and laid off at a record pace because of the current economic condition of the country.

America's older workers: Making them part of the solution

Another trend that the book discusses is the plight of older workers in America. Primarily, the book deals with the relationship between older baby boom workers and Generation X Workforce 2020 explains that this shift in the workforce will cause a significant shortage of skilled workers and may have a devastating effect on the nation's workforce. The authors explain that the exit of older workers will have a profound effect on the American Labor force by the year 2010.

The authors assert that a solution to this problem may be to recruit older workers. They argue that the older workers could help to improve the skills of younger workers before they go into full retirement. In many cases older workers are eager and willing to train younger workers. Older workers desire to pass on the wisdom that they have acquired over the years. The book suggests that companies would benefit greatly if they would take the time to recruit older workers.

A also agree with this trend and it seems that is extremely necessary in today's workforce. Many recent college graduates that are entering the workforce need tutelage and people around them with the experience they are seeking to acquire. It seems that recruiting and hiring older workers is a perfect way to bridge the gap between the generations and to improve the skills of younger workers. Following this trend will also improve upon the company's ability to maintain a well trained workforce.

2. Discuss how your company, organization, institution, or community is preparing for the 21st century.

My company is addressing these issues by implementing programs into the overall business strategy of the firm. The company has implemented programs to recruit college students with high skill levels in technological fields. The company is aiming to ensure that the future workforce will be composed mostly of American workers. The company does do some recruitment in other countries but desires to make the recruitment of American workers a top priority.

The company has also introduced programs that pair highly skilled older workers with younger workers. The older workers serve as mentors for the younger workers and aid them in improving their skills. In doing this the company is able to retain workers that have the skills that are needed to sustain the company.

The company has used the Gap analysis to eliminate the gap between the skills that the company will require in the future and the individuals that have the skill sets that are needed. This Gap is eliminated by recruiting and offering scholarships to students so that they can acquire the technological skills that are needed for the 21st century. The company has also used the analysis to bridge the gap between older workers and younger workers. This gap is closed through the implementation of mentorship programs so that younger workers are tutored by their older co-workers.

The company is using force field analysis to determine whether or not the aforementioned programs will work. The force field analysis is of the utmost importance because it can help managers to determine whether or not other programs would be more effective. The Force Field Analysis is also critical because the outcome can save the company valuable time and money.

3. Discuss how you are preparing for the 21st century.

On a personal level I am doing all that I possibly can to ensure that I have the skills that are needed to compete in the 21st century. These skills are directed towards the field of technology and business. I believe that it is important to attain knowledge in both areas so that I can be of maximum benefit to the company that I work for. Not only will be able to understand various aspects of management but I will also be able to provide the company with the technological skills that they will need to implement the managerial strategy.

I am also being mentored by an older worker that has developed her skills in the areas of management and information technology.

I can use the Gap analysis to close the gap between the skills that I already possess and the ones that I desire to have. It is important that I maintain the drive to continue taking the classes that I need to meet my goal. The Gap analysis will allow me to measure my progress.

The Force Field analysis can be used to determine whether or not I am acquiring the correct skills for the job that I am attempting to get. The analysis will ensure that I am headed in the right direction and that the skills that acquire will be beneficial to the company. The Field force analysis will also be beneficial to me because it will allow me to save money on classes that I may not need to complete.

1. Do you agree with Ryan that it is to benefit all concerned for him to create an umbrella of protection" over his employees?

I do agree with Ryan's conclusion that he should put an umbrella of protection around his employees. Ryan is correct in his assessment that the people that work for him should only have to deal with change in small doses. As a manger Ryan should do all that he can to protect his workers; that's a sign of a good manager. Good managers understand that their workers are valuable and need to be treated with respect.

By protecting his workers he is ensuring that they will be productive and respect him when all is said and done.

Ryan is willing to take on the burden of the uncertainty upon his self because…

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