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They set a plan for a train robbery which happened to be in July 11, 1899 but were unsuccessful as Cassidy partner Lay was killed in a shootout led by the local enforces including a sheriff and posse man were killed. Wild Bunch used to split up but than later they used to reunite on their secret hide out such as Hole-in-the-Wall, Robbers Roost, Porter's brothel and Madame Fannie which were located in San Antonio, Texas. Again in 1900, Cassidy and another partner Longabaugh robbed a bank namely First National Bank of $32,640. In the same year they also robbed a train and took over $60,000 in cash. After this train robbery, the gang split up except Cassidy and Longabaugh, they remained together. In 1901, Cassidy and his friend Longabaugh fled towards New York where he changed his name as James Ryan and settled in a four room cabin on a ranch which was on about 15,000 acre. One of his biggest robbery which he and his partner Longabaugh did in his last years was of about $100,000 in February 14, 1905. Both fled away towards north after the robbery. After this robbery, they fled into Chile and returned back towards Argentina at the end of the year. Late in 1907, Cassidy went away from Longabaugh for sometime in a town near by where he wrote to his friends who resided in Concordia, "just the place I've been looking for 20 years." At the age of 41, he regret for whatever he did in his life and wrote in document, "Oh God, if I could call back 20 years... I would be happy."

Butch Cassidy's death still remains mysterious. On November 1908, two American bandits robbed a group near San Vicente in southern Bolivia and vanished some where in San Vicente. After three days their hide out was surrounded by a group of officials and had a gunfight with them. A single shot was heard from inside the house and then another shot followed by a man screaming. In morning they entered the house and saw two men dead, apparently it was a suicide as both men were wounded and shot each other from a gun. However, it has been claimed that Cassidy returned alive towards United States as said by his sister Lula Parker Betenson and lived unnoticed for many years. Cassidy got his surgery done by a physician in Paris, who changed his face and continued his


It has also been said that Cassidy went to meet his father, although his father denied the visit about his itinerant son after 1908. Another evidence is that Longabaugh also returned towards United States and died in 1937 but the communication between them were ended after the incident in San Vicente. (Wikipedia).


For decades people who thought that Butch Cassidy died in Bolivia were wrong by reading little scraps of articles and magazine and were wrong. As many of the evidence were telling again and again about his return. In 1980s, Cassidy and Longabaugh were thought to have died but after eight decades Lula Parker ignored about her brother's fate to protect him. Over so many years, various views have been developed within his family. It has been written by Butch Cassidy in a document which was sent to his friends that he regrets and wanted his 20 years of life back. However it was impossible though. Throughout his life, he fled from one place to another, made a lot of hideouts just to protect him and his gang Wild Bunch. After what ever he did, he went back towards United States just to live his life in peace. It is also believed that he didn't do any robbery after he settled in United States. Still his father disagreed in an interview that his son is still alive knowing the fact that most of the people knew about Cassidy that he meets his father without any doubt they have seen him with a different appearance as he changed his style and his face to remain unnoticed. Although record tells that Butch Cassidy was buried after the shootout in San Vicente and the whole scenario was that both Cassidy and Longabaugh have killed each other which happened to be a suicide. Perhaps, mostly people can surmise that as Butch disappeared, his family had difficulties to figure out that what happened to him. Though, many…

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