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¶ … California Health Insurance Exchange Website, Covered CA

Covered California (2015) describes itself as a user friendly market place that implements the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in California. Its website provides useful information to current and prospective clients - such as its history, the health insurance options it offers, how an individual can match an insurance option with their needs, and its financial reports. In 2014, approximately 1.3 million Californians used Covered California to choose health insurance, while millions others used Medi-Cal to check the health coverage they qualified for (Covered California, 2015).

The Covered California website is appropriate for a person at the eighth grade level. First it is divided to four major sections, namely; explore, apply, preview and get help, which allows the users to locate the particular section they may be interested in, in order to explore them further. The explore section clearly articulates the healthcare options that are right for individuals, families and businesses, while the preview section helps the user know whether they qualify for Medi-Cal or tax credits based on their income. The apply section provides step-by-step guidelines for enrolment, while the get help section allows users of different literacy levels to seek clarifications, if required.

The site is simple and eliminates busy webpage designs and unnecessary content that would otherwise frustrate people at the eighth grade level. The web pages are also consistent in navigation, design,


Furthermore, quick links are provided to save time and reduce confusion for first time users. The web pages are tailored to accommodate the needs of users with varying literacy levels. First, all the pages are written in understandable grammar and words which may prove difficult to some users are explained. Attention has also been paid to the balance of graphic, text and photos to avoid overwhelming the users. Moreover, it allows users to connect with Covered California on social medial, another avenue where they can get additional information or seek clarification.

Some sections of the website are password protected, which maintains the confidentiality and internet safety for members who are enrolled. In addition to the articles being short and to the point, the website avoids long sentences which may frustrate individuals at the eighth grade level due to their short attention span. The navigation…

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