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The salary ranges from $80,000 to $110,000 (Kalbach 45). Advancement

Rank advancement relates to the level of experience of the employee and the amount of years of services within the context of the business entity. For individuals or experts to command rank advancement within this field, they must develop large pool of experience and qualification to be able to serve in the higher ranks. The employee must also serve within the company for certain duration in order to merit promotion. This type of rank advancement or promotion depends on the performance and personal or character traits (honesty, loyalty, and obedience) of the employee. The company must be convinced on the performance levels of the user experience designer to guarantee or facilitate promotion to higher ranks with better remuneration or wages.

Companies that hire User Experience Designers

Some of companies hiring user experience designers include San Diego, Asana, Red Giant, Nerdery, Silicon Valley, Austin TX, M*Modal, DIRECTV, Clovis, and Irvine. Others include Zappos, Lehi UT, and Jessica Moon.

Website Design

Website Design involves the application of numerous skills and expertise crucial to the organization and management of websites. Website Designer refers to a professional with college or university knowledge or education crucial to the development of the artwork work and characteristics of websites. The professional designer must also be able to interpret and implement the website on the internet. The professional designer must ensure that the website has the capacity to meet its objectives such as accessibility in the search engine immediately to facilitate the process of its location by potential viewers or user. There are two significant types of website designers: office-based web designers and freelance web designers. Office-based web designers work in direct relation to the boss in an office setting. The boss offers vital directions to the designer who implements the directions to the creation of the website or features in accordance with the description. Within the office, the website designers have the obligation to execute projects in relation to the creation, development and implementation of the website thus enhancing the exposure or image of the company in the context. Freelance website designer works under minimal supervision and directives (Mader-Clark 116).

These professionals have no one above them to offer directions or projects to work on concerning the development and implementation of the websites. Just, like office-based website designers, freelance website designers have the capacity, to work with deadlines. Since they have no one to offer direction or supervision practices, it is vital for the freelance web designers to acquire well education and experience. This would enable the individual to meet the objectives, goals, and needs of the websites in meeting the perception of the consumers. Freelance web designers have the opportunity to work directly with their clients hence should be able to charge according to their services and experience levels. Web designing is an evolutionary profession hence requires a high level of expertise in the application of contemporary technology. Web designers have the obligation to continue learning through continuous training programs and exchange of ideas thus would allow the experts to develop large pool of experience. Experience and expertise is crucial to both office-based and freelance website designing jobs (Mader-Clark 116).

Educational Qualifications

Web designers need to have or possess technical abilities and skills necessary for designing websites. It is critical to possess knowledge in useful software such as Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and .NET to enhance the competence of the professional designer. This indicates that degree in new media and communication technology would be an advantage in this field of employment. Marketing is also crucial to students wishing to pursue freelance web designing in the future. They will have sufficient information on how to attract clients and interact with the market audience. Educational qualification in visual communication would help develop the expertise and experience level of the professional while executing the...


There are variations also depending on the type of web designing practice (office-based and freelance web designs). Payment in the office-based web design depends on the terms of the company, level of experience of the employee or designer, and qualification levels of the professional. In freelance website design, it is upon the professional designer to decide on the amount of financial benefits by dictating the fee for his or her services. This type of professional designer has the capacity to maintain his or her pool of consumers or clients in the process of maximizing the profit and revenue levels. This payment depends on the cost of resources crucial to the development of the website in accordance with the requirements of the client or market audience.

Advancement in office-based website design depends on the performance, experience, and service duration of the professional while executing the duties of the company. Freelance website design advances to another level when the business owner decides to employ other individuals to execute his or her duties in the process of developing and implementing websites on the internet. Experience plays an important role in the advancement process in the website design opportunity.

Companies hiring Website Designers

Some of companies offering website designing opportunities include American Web Design, Zealous Web, Clikzy,, Web312, and Hudson Horizons. Others include Off-Road studios and

Comparing and Contrasting the Jobs (Website Design, Network Marketing, and User Experience Design)

Advancement in network marketing depends on the time of entrance in relation to the program, volume or quantity of procurements or purchases, and success at recruitment process. This reflects a difference in comparison to the other jobs (Website Design and User Experience Design) where the advancement process depends on the experience, qualifications, and duration of services in relation to the employing company. In network marketing, the professional obtain financial benefits by the number of recruits he or she brings to the company while, in web design and user experience design, the employee obtains financial benefits in accordance with the terms of the company. This is in exception of freelance web designing where the professional decides on his or her payment depending on the services to clients. Network Marketing demands much knowledge and skills in persuasive communication to facilitate the process of recruiting new distributors and promoters into the hierarchy. This is because the professional deal with consumers or distributors directly with the aim of convincing them to be part of the business entity or enterprise. All the three employment opportunities or job types require elements of marketing in order to maximize financial benefits of the professional executing the services of the company.

The job that is of considerable interest to me is working as a freelance website designer. This is because of the room to decide on the financial benefits by working directly with the consumers or clients. This would limit the chances of exploitation for my experience and qualifications. There is sufficient room to develop with little pressure thus little stressful unlike the other two types of jobs (network marketing and user experience design). Website design would also improve or enhance my marketing and management skills from the relevant courses from the learning institution.

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