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Career Plan

The personal career planning tool is used as a means of assisting individuals in determining possible career paths. Strengths, weaknesses and interests are all included within the overall plan to better aid the individual in determining a career that will provide both challenge and satisfaction. The document is both multifaceted and flexible which allows the individual to alter it in the event of change. In addition, the career planning tool helps determine viable means in which to accomplish the individual's career objectives. It provides a means of identifying individuals who may can assist, mentor, and otherwise cultivate the individual into a desired candidate for the future. Likewise, the career planning tool sets goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, and timely (SMART). Below are simple guidelines that should be following to effectively utilize this method of planning.

Specific- Specific Goals have a much more profound effect than do general ones. A simple template to follow when designing these goals should answer the following 6 questions.

*Who: Who is involved?

*What: What do I want to accomplish in regards to MDSS and the Michigan community?

*Where: Identify a location. Will this specific goal relate to a department, certain positions, or the MDSS system in its entirety?

*When: Establish a time frame.

*Which: Identify requirements and constraints.

*Why: Specific reasons, purpose or benefits of accomplishing the goal.

In regards to career planning, specific goals will be mentioned in the sections below.


Here, firm criteria must be established a benchmark for process. Typical questions that should be asked are:

How will I know if my goals have been accomplished?

How much, how many, and how often?

Attainable- Here, one must determine if the actual goals set are too ambitious in regards to the capabilities of those involved. In regards to MDSS, can a newly developed system immediately accomplish the goals and objectives outlined in the above criteria? If it is determined that this is not the case, then reassessment of the two above criteria is needed.

Realistic- Are the stakeholders involved both willing and able to accomplish the above mentioned task? A high goal is frequently easier to reach than a low one because a low goal psychologically seems less motivational.

Timely- Goals should be encompassed within a specific time frame. This time frame provides a sense of urgency to all stakeholders involved.


My objective is to first obtain a career in the retail industry as a manager. I believe my overall skillset is well suited for a management position in retail. I have obtained my interest in this industry at a very young age as I was very interested in merchandising, sales and leadership. Further, retail is dynamic and fast paced. Very few days are alike in the retail industry. As such, I will be constantly bombarded with new and challenging tasks that will further enhance my overall problem solving skillset. Likewise, retail is diverse as teamwork is necessary for success. I enjoy working on teams within the overall context of business. It is this team component that has attracted me to the retail industry.


Communication- I would like a career that emphasizes my strong oral and communication skills. I can communicate effectively with both leadership and peers to accomplish goals. As such, a management position allows for use of my communication skills.

Leadership- I also have strong leadership skills that can also be best utilized in the retail industry. I would like a job that allows for the use of decision making that will ultimately impact the future success of the business

Teamwork- I would like a career that stresses the teamwork component. I enjoy working with other skilled individuals with diverse and innovative backgrounds. The retail industry allows me to do so on a daily basis.

Long-Range Focus- I am conservative by nature and my decision making skills are no different in this regard. Many of my decisions in regards to my career or in business have a long-term focus to them. In regards to this particular career path, a long-term focus is integral to success. An individual must know, especially management, must have an idea of how his decisions will impact the broader organization as a whole…

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