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¶ … manager (pretrial diversion worker) in this case may adopt best practices in court-based diversion, categorized into 1) specialty mental health, and 2) traditional court. The major portion of literature concerning court-based diversion concentrates exclusively on the former category, wherein attorneys and judges team up with other court officials, case managers, mental health personnel, psychotherapists, other services and the defendant for developing alternatives to treat offenders suffering from mental ailments. It must be borne in mind that there is heterogeneity in mental health courts, with considerable variability among different courts with regards to methods and systems employed in handling mentally-ill persons (Hartford et al., 2004). Numerous communities have insufficient capability of creating specialty courts having committed judges, counsel and staff members. Places wherein specialty courts that haven't been established, whether due to inability or any other cause, must still think about combining problem-solving practices with conventional courtroom practices. One can implement the system in various ways, on a narrower basis, like delaying sentencing until treatment referrals and administering other supports for imprisoned wrongdoers. The diversion initiative must feature cross-sector representatives, which include judges (guides/leaders of planning and administration), defense counsel, police, pretrial workers, court officers, corrections, substance use therapists, mental health therapists and advocates, providers of services like housing, victim services, family, and consumers. This diversity in the committee must essentially suggest intricacy of problems suffered by mentally-ill defendants (Livingston, 2008).


definition of rehabilitation normally deals with the following three concepts: (1) an intentional or clearly accepted intervention, rather than an unplanned or involuntary occurrence; (2) intervention is targeted at altering some attribute/habit in the offender believed to be at the root of his/her criminal activity; for instance, offender's attitudes, mental health or temperament, cognitive processes, social relationships, employment, and vocational/educational competencies; (3) it aims at making offenders less prone to future violations of law. Empirical evidence reveals that rehabilitation is largely effectual in lowering recidivism…

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