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¶ … interview of Alex that is a strong advocate for education. He believes that education is not a top priority in the nation and that there are a lot of concerns that need to be addressed in order for it to get there such as the, four emerging themes that came out of his interview which were: Funding for schools, thinking logically and scientifically, socialization, and Respect for different cultures. These themes were used in order to conduct a sound analysis of this interview

Alex have been retired for the past 12 years, and he considers himself to be more of a student than an educator now. In the last five years of my career, he was a public school administrator. Alex is now a student of politics and a student of technology. Alex does, however, teach others how to build computers and how to use technology as an educational tool. His mother graduated from grammar school, and high school late in her life. She also attended college for two years. Alex father did not finish high school, but continued his education at a trade school. All of his siblings had some college and 3, including himself, are college graduates.

Alex politics centers on advocating for public education and the securing of more funding for the public schools. He believes that providing funding for smaller class size, more teacher assistants, more ancillary staff, and more security are top priorities on my political agenda. He also thinks that first and foremost schools all over the world are the place where children are socialized, and pupils are taught how to live and get along well with others. Furthermore he promotes that education should also teach people to think logically and scientifically, it should imparts knowledge, it should teach us to appreciate and respect different cultures, and finally appreciate the arts and nature. Lastly, he makes the point that even though education must include acquiring technical skills that cannot and should not be its primary function.

Interview Report

Throughout this interview, four emerging themes came on the scene that were linked to Alex's point-of-view of education. The four emerging themes were: Funding for schools, thinking logically and scientifically, socialization, and Respect for different cultures. Alex emphasized that there is no greater danger to the economy of our State than having insufficient funding for the schools. Alex made the point that investing in public schools is good because it guides to a stronger economy and a much lower crime rate. He went on to mention that when society fails to provides the kids with acceptable schools, the entire economy will also suffer as well. He believes that not only are the school systems failing to deliver employers with an extremely trained workforce, nonetheless we will end up with more kids that will have jobs that are considered to be dead end, higher crime rates, teen pregnancies, and broken families. Alex focused on some information that he read that made the point that it costs over $70,000 a year to keep just one person in jail. From his point-of-view, we either pay for schools now or we will pay for prisons down the road. He stressed the point that if people do not help kids get a good education now, the State will have a lower financial base and much higher social services prices in the future. Alex highlighted that not only has the legislature failed to deliver acceptable funds for operating schools, but they have likewise failed to offer funds for the repair and constructing of schools. Above all, the Legislature in Alex's eyes has failed to help growing communities build instantly schools that are needed schools. However, he did state that school funding is nowhere quite that easy. He explained that every state has its own method and system for sponsoring...


He goes on to mention that the higher the share of money that states give out for education, and the more states aim for that currency, the better the probabilities for increasing fairness in the system. Alex highlighted that most states and even the federal government are not putting enough funds in to save the schools. He blamed the legislature for not putting education on the top of their list and believes that they are cheating students on purpose just to meet other budgets in the economy that are not that important. He stresses that the lack of funding for the schools is what causes them to shut down all over the nation and argues the point that if nothing is not done immediately, there would hardly be any schools left in the country.

The second developing theme in this interview was logically and scientifically thinking. Alex proposed that students needed to be taught the importance of learning on their own and not having all that hand holding by the teacher. Alex greatly emphasized that hand holding actually hinders the student from growing and causes them to become too dependent on the teacher. He shared that his vision of effective teaching and learning added to teachers who were implementers of letting the students explore on their own and also allowing them to come up with solutions to problems without having much involvement from the teacher. Alex highlighted the significance of enablers being most effective with active learners who have an ambition to want to help students learn on their own and also come up with curriculum that endorses this type of lessons. Alex looked at the student-centered teaching method as a tool that his mother taught him growing up. He made the point that this type of teaching was taught to him in the home since his mother was the only one that was educated. Alex thinks that the student-centered teaching is more than effective because it shift the focus of activity from the teacher and places it on the learners. He goes on to mention that these methods consist of active learning, where students are able to solve problems, answer questions, articulate questions of their own, debate, explain, dispute, or brainstorm all through class. He believes cooperative learning is the way to go, because it involves students working in teams on difficulties and projects under circumstances that guarantee both positive interdependence and individual responsibility; and inductive learning and teaching, where students are first offered with tests. To target dominating standardized measures, Tom highlighted the importance of understanding that when it came to this type of teaching, teachers need to understand that students are not so different. He goes on to state that expert teachers she be the ones to know how to provide students with a voice and a choice, and also help them discover ways to design learning experiences that will be able tap into what students are worth.

A third theme that ascended throughout this interview related to Socialization. Alex highlighted the significance of socialization playing a dominant role when it comes to making sure that students are prepared for the real world; however, he shared that when socialization is restricted, it causes the student to be paralyzed in their growth. Alex went on to explain that it is important for children to learn socialization skills at home first and then at the schools. He mentioned home first because his mother taught him that your parents are your first teachers. He stands by his view that children are naturally egoistical, thinking of themselves as the world revolves around them even at the time of their birth. He thinks that it takes training and development to teach children to think of others in addition to themselves.

He support the fact that this leaning is not bad, and is inborn in all people. On the other hand, for children to function successfully in society, Alex mentions that they must learn to interrelate with others in a healthy, positive, and productive method. So as to formulate children to be prosperous in adults, Alex states that it is critical that that adults start encouraging social interaction, monitoring social skills, and teaching healthy ways to network with other children and that have adults. It goes even further by stating that socialization skills are significant not just in school but in all of adult life in addition. He believes that children with poor socialization abilities are less probable to form healthy close relations as adults, and are much more probable to experience peer rejection, and have a greater probability of getting into trouble either with the adult or juvenile system. He stresses that social skills in schools influence safety along with interpersonal interactions, for the reason that students with poor social skills are more probable to exhibit violent or forceful behavior, are less probable to be able to self-control their behavior, and have anxiety when it comes to them asking or getting help from others, which makes violence a more probable answer to…

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