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athlete concerning intimidation, eligibility and elimination, technology in sports, commercial sports, ergogenic aids, violence and principles and exceptions. The explanation is going to be based on the types used, how effective they are and the consequences of them in the field of athlete. Violence is the act of using great force or doing something which one accompanies by great force. Intimidation can be described as to frighten someone to make him/her to do something sometimes by threatening her/him.

Elimination is to do away with while eligible is where one meet the qualifications required. Principles are rules that governs someone's behaviors on the other hand exception can be described as principles that are not being followed. Technology is whereby in the industry the knowledge are applied to practical task systematically and commercial can be referred to as to make money out of. Ergogenic is the use of drugs for specific reason to the body.

When we start by discussing how intimidation has been used in the case study of athlete, based on the athlete for the Huskies and Tigers where each party involved in the scene applied intimidation directly and purposeful. Purposeful psychological intimidation was portrayed by the team of the Huskies athletes to the team of Tigers where they constantly used to reinforced the reality that their performance was of high standard than that of the team of Tigers.Eventhough sportsmanship was required to be shown by the team of Huskies, they did not follow that but went on and used the unethical behavior which was facilitated by the coach.

The team of Tigers had to fight back and they went on to use physical intimidation when they endlessly throwing inside and also to the batters. Never to take hid of what the sportsmanship require them to do, they went on and used what the coach was telling them that is the (pitcher and the catcher), which vengeance has never been the response to the of intimidation where the team of Huskies applied intimidation by playing a game that involved the mind and this showed act of unsportmaship in a game.

When the coaches of each team did this they portrayed the act and the Tigers used intimidation by means of physical, even though the coaches were not prepared to use this in the field of play. The umpire went on and removed the players who were involved in the act forgetting that the whole matter was being facilitated by the coach. Since the coaches remained inside the field they went on to put more pressure to the players escalating to minor skirmish, where the coach could have prevented this if he could have made sure that the coaches were not in the field.

Many of the games involving the youth, you will find that most of the parents are not aware of whatever the players do, though we find that a parent who was a male decided to confront another parent who was a female one which evidently shown the act of physical intimidation when this made the female parent to panic.

From the analysis of the play, Mario displays intimidation of purposeful and psychological to the other players which they were playing against and this makes the intimidation used to be very effective since the league led to catches, yards and touchdowns. Even this intimidation was used; there were some consequences that had to follow which could be suspension, fines, and the team could reach in a decision to disciple him for the behavior was unaccepted or he could have felt the wrath of the defensive players for dirty hits during the game.

When we consider violence based on the case study of athlete, where Nicole's basketball coach displayed unprofessional behavior at the field when any time his players were not on the side of winning he could stomp his feet, skedaddle at his players and kicking the chairs. Sportsmanship could not be seen in him when he even threw his clipboard against the locker and breaking it and to make the matter worse the throwing was right ahead of his players head. When he screams and eyes enlarged the act of violence is experienced which should not be shown whether your players are on the winning side or loosing side. This could lead to the coach being caution by the parents and even to be declared unfit to coach the team and also the players themselves could run out of the team because of fear that the coach could attack them.

We can again experience violence where Mario who is an international player gives injuries to the opponent through late hits. Even when the receiver is unexpected to catch the gall which is useless brutality. This type of violence can be described as physical violence. These always interfere with the opponent so that he becomes less active thus this made receiver not to concentrate on catching the balls. The person responsible for this type of violence is Mario this is evident when he apply violence to the other players pointlessly, injuring them deliberately and even hitting them late. This violet Sarah Jane Gilbert (October 29, 2007)'Managing the Athlete Endorsement' by Harvard Business Schoolmen always have their consequences like in this case Mario could find himself being removed from the play; sometimes he could make his team loose because the opponent could find many penalty yards out of his play, while he thinks that his intentions is to cause injuries to the opponents he might instead injures himself. Following this he could be fined heavily and on top get a suspension and the other players from the opponent may embattle him which may cause dangerous hit in the field.

Due to this behavior Mario cannot be a player whom his foot steps can be followed therefore he has to find ways of eliminating this behavior. This could be done by visiting a therapist to identify the cause of the problem which sometimes could be traced from his child hood where the solution could be just a talk with somebody. If need could be, before the game he takes medication as instructed by a therapist so that the abnormal aggressiveness be done away with. This could help him compete competently at higher levels.

Ergogenic aids can be discussed when Keisha's case about the drug was unwarranted. Keisha has never been identified in the kind of negative manner but this time he has to suffer on the hand of other people's mistake this is because people think that great athlete does something illegal whenever they run circles around the competition. It is understood that lawfully they can examine her whether or not she uses drugs but speaking of morality they should not examine her for there is no former evidence connecting her with drug. This is the case to the other athletes whereby when one of the teammate is found guilty of using drug all of them undergo checking without even thorough investigation to the other team mates before doing so. Cons Sarah Jane Gilbert (October 29, 2007)'Managing the Athlete Endorsement 'by Harvard Business Schoolequently the other team mates may feel that they are not being trusted.

Marc D. Silver MD (2001) describes ergogenic as a way of enhancing use of energy, efficiency and production of energy. Therefore athletes venture into using them to perform better making the athletic organization to try to prevent these by doing tests. Mario took a step to be tested for anabolic steroids since he was a professional player in football and the result was that he was positive. The drugs that he used were meant to advance the increment of the bones and the muscles although their use was to facilitate the cell growth and division. For this reasons he had to test positive but the league could not consider this and instead suspend him. All these have the effects which can be long-term since one will have prostate cancer, high blood pressure, liver damage, excess growth of oral gums, increased acne and total cholesterol.

Principle and exception can be evident in the case of Rudy where he moves to a team where he could be given clothing, bags and shoes at the period of summer league yet he was still in the other team and gets the same things. According to the ethical values of the high school this is seen as exploitation even though he lacks the knowledge of ethical values. Due to the fact that his father had money because of the change of job, he used this to get passing grades yet he did not deserve for he never attended classes. He was protected from the policemen who showed a high defiance of ethical values and it involved the community at large.

When Rudy was in the college where he was an athlete, he used $100,000 which was inappropriate benefits so that he could be present at (UWC) but he did not receive the money up to the time…

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