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A child abuse essay outline should focus on identifying the main purpose of the essay in the outline’s introduction.  The main purpose can best be stated at the end of the introduction, which is where you will typically find an essay’s thesis statement.  Once you have plugged that in to your essay outline template, you can walk backwards by indicating the main points that support your thesis.  Then plug in a “hook”—a neat little fact or anecdote that will get the reader’s attention.

Each successive section of the outline will build off your thesis statement and reinforce it with supporting details.  Three or more paragraphs of supporting evidence should suffice to bear out the merits of your thesis.  See our template and example outline below for more ideas!

Child Abuse Essay Outline Template

I. Introduction

a. Pose a problem to the reader that is particularly evocative relating to child abuse.  This is the “hook” statement designed to catch the reader’s attention.  

b. Move from the “hook” to the material you will cover in your essay, highlighting the main points.

c. These highlighted points should all serve to support your thesis statement, which now comes at the end of the opening paragraph.  Place it here to tell your reader the purpose of your essay.

II. First Supporting Paragraph

a. Start the first body paragraph with a main idea—this will be the topic sentence of your first point that supports your thesis.

b. Following the topic sentence, include details that explain and expand upon that topic so that the reader has a…it is up to the nation’s leaders to make sure these values are propagated.

c. Unless this nation’s leaders conduct a major u-turn in America’s culture, its moral character may be completely lost.

V. Conclusion

a. Child abuse is a symptom of the much deeper problem of America’s moral corruption.

b. Family values need to be promoted in media, schools and organizations to reverse the effects.

c. Until this nation is pro-family, child abuse will remain a problem.


Writing a child abuse essay outline can be simple if you follow the template and example above.  The most important thing to remember is to build around the essay’s main point, whatever it may be.  Always support that point with at least three sub-points, and describe each of those in the body…

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