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Child abuse can be referred to as a physical, sexual or an emotional state of harm that is inflicted upon the child. There are various types and forms that can be undertaken by the abuser which may involve hitting, shaking, beating, burning or even biting the child in the physical form, Sexual forms of child abuse may involve incest, molestation, touching and exposing the child to sexual acts that may not be appropriate for them and they may not want to be involved in. The emotional states of such harm include scolding, tormenting, abusing, humiliating and insulting them. Some people also argue that neglecting the child's needs will also be categorized under abuse in some cases, for instance not giving them water and food, depriving them of shelter, clothing and other such necessities of life which also inflict harm upon the child in one way or the other. This phenomenon is quite an increasing form of tragedy in the society and is not just restricted to third world and underdeveloped nations (McCauley). Causes of child abuse

Child abuse is one of those aspects in our societies that are slowly spreading their ways and becoming increasingly common. The causes of such acts are widespread and can be traced to different kinds of settings, environments and circumstances that lead to these happenings.

One of the most common reasons...


The financial crisis that is prevailing makes it difficult for the families to fulfill their basic necessities of life and earn enough to support their families which are why they subject their children to abusive situations. The children in many poverty stricken countries are deprived of basic education because they are subjected to work since an early age. Small children are sent out on the streets to beg for money, to work in extreme conditions in mines and construction sites so that they may earn enough to have food once a day.
In some extreme situations, young girls and teenagers may even be exposed to prostitution and sexual services to earn money which is a serious form of child abuse that is becoming quite common. When the children retaliate and refuse to obey their relatives in performance of such roles, they are beaten up, burnt, lashed out on and treated with extreme harshness which has adverse effects on their mental as well as physical well being.

Another factor that causes people to inflict child abuse is the problem of drinking and drugs that individuals consume and lose the stability of their mind. The chemical intake damages their ability to think in a straight and effective manner and their mental instability…

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