Child Characteristics, Parenting Stress, and Thesis

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Only after this a further section returns to the fact of the lack of research involving father involvement and how this is influenced by child characteristics.

Once the document turns to the investigation and methods to be used, the presentation of information becomes more logical and academically stronger. The research questions are for example pertinently mentioned in "The Present Study" section. The questions directly pertain to the issue previously indicated, i.e. The parenting involvement of fathers, and how this is influenced by children and various aspects in their character.

In the "Method" section, I noticed that participants were mainly homogeneous in terms of race and age. No specific reason was given for this, but I presume it is for the purpose of consistency, as cultural values and social status would probably influence the parenting paradigm. In this way, I believe the study provides a valuable springboard for futher studies in other sectors of society. Factors such as poverty, race and age could for example be studied for their influence upon paternal behavior towards children. Family problems such as neglect and abuse could then be mitigated as a result of such studies.

Once the data collection methods, discussion and conclusion are presented, a further problem appears to manifest itself in terms of focus. While the introductory section of the article appears to focus upon the general lack of data focusing on father involvement with their children, the reader is led to believe that this is also the premise of the study. The section that describes the study itself however returns to the premise indicated by the title, focusing upon the roles of both parents. This is confusing and confounds the initial expectation.

In conclusion, I believe that the article would be more academically sound if it more directly indicated the purpose of the study close to the end of the introductory section. As it stands, it is confusing and…

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