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However, for a non-pedophile child molester, sex drive may have little to do with the assaults and chemical castration may result in the child being sexually assaulted with objects or physically assaulted instead of sexually assaulted. Therefore, before one could attempt to answer this question, it would be critical to know what proportion of convicted child sex offenders are also pedophiles.

Discussion 2: Explanations for Elder Abuse

Which of the theories presented in Chapter 9 of the text explaining elder abuse do you find to be most compelling? Explain.

Before answering this question, be sure to review the PowerPoint presentation on Elder Maltreatment and read the relevant Handout.

Please post one original response. Each original response should be a minimum of 125 words in length.

Like any other type of family violence, there are numerous reasons that someone might engage in elder abuse. It seems clear that stress plays a role in elder abuse, whether or not the abuser would normally be a family violence offender. It is important to be able to differentiate between Type I and Type II elder abusers. Particularly for elder abuse, it seems like stress of changing life situations increases the risk of abuse. These caregivers either lash out or engage in neglect when they are unable to meet the needs of the elderly person in question. They may lack the knowledge, skill, physical capacity, or mental capacity to take care of people. The good thing about this type of abuse is that the abusers are generally going to respond well to intervention. They feel guilty about the way that they have mistreated their elders, so they will frequently accept interventions. Moreover, involving law enforcement is not helpful in these scenarios…

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