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The Christian Socialist movement traces its origins in the middle of the nineteenth century when a large movement of the middle class population appeared against the huge social problems that the industrial revolution provoked. Modern industrial life of the nineteenth century, as well as modern financial life of today, require the social principles of Christianity as to decrease inequality and increase mass productivity.

Anglican theologian Frederick Denison Maurice is believed to be the main promoter of these principles when in 1838 put forward the main principles of the Kingdom of Christ where competition which is the essence of capitalism is evil and lies at the basis of all wrongs that were to be found in society. Cooperation is therefore the key and socialism should promote that more and more.

The main economic ideas that Christian Socialism argues for are cooperative societies which can be traced back to the original Christian communes which operated on similar basis. Co-partnership and profit sharing is the key for releasing social pressures from society, especially severely non-homogenous societies. The capitalist laissez-faire way of creating the economy and the clear lack of systemic cooperation and socialist coordination has led to the chaotic movements of the world markets and to the immense gaps that exist between countries of the world and especially within countries. The exploitation of the few over the many and the over-competitive nature of capitalism has created addictive relations of subordination between classes of workers as well as between strong countries and weak supply countries in Africa, Asia and Central America.

The spirit of cooperation and association that Christian Socialism promotes does not conflict in any way with other religious precepts as it aims at similar things for the exact same problems: inequality, impoverished populations and nations, over-cluster of financial resources and mass pressures with violent consequences.

The capitalist essence of selfishness and antagonism should be replaced by a spirit of association and sharing as the first has shown its terrible effects on the planet. The capitalist individualist economy has destroyed Earth from social and human issues to global environment problems, which at their turn affect populations around the globe. Over industrialization and the lack of cooperation in what regards pollution has had therefore not only considerable ecological effects but also human ones that go from basic pollution to water sustainability, massive fires, food supply chain and health / hygiene matters.

Christian Socialism promotes therefore not only the healthy socio-economic principles of socialism, but also Christian ones that can have longer and more lasting effects on the way society at large is being constructed and reconstructed. In the world where selfishness is replaced by generosity, where individualism is replaced by cooperation and where antagonism between groups is replaced by associative networks, trust between citizens of the world and happiness would certainly appear. For this to happen, all forces have to be joined in a common effort to alleviate the misery of the many and convince the few that have the world resources in their hands to share them with the rest of their peers.

More and more it is observable that citizens of various countries around the world, be them capitalist or authoritarian, ask for their rights in mass demonstrations and revolutions. The human losses in these confrontations are obviously not in vain, but they should be reduced to maximum. It is crucial for humans to understand that through violence no real good can be achieved, as building a society of the blood of its former rules will strike back at a certain moment.

Dialogue and faith should therefore be the guiding principles for creating change and the working classes should put pressure on the capitalist and authoritarian regimes to gradually change the political and economic methods. Christian Socialism supports and has developed in the nineteenth century a series of principles that would be able to support the current social, economic and political problems. Starting from the elimination of inheritance, and sharing it with those that need it most, to the elimination of evil over-competition between business and to the birth of associative business networks, Christian Socialism has produced the necessary norms to create a society in which all humans and creatures of God live in a peaceful manner and rejoice their faith and Christian traditions -- be them…

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