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Describe societal technological ways adjusted adjust classroom instruction address. Based, skills students develop order prepare world classroom. Explain extent evidence skills students

Two societal or technological changes: Adjusting classroom instruction

Younger and younger students are entering the classroom having already been exposed to technology. Many parents say that their children are better able to navigate their smartphones than themselves. Using this comfort with technology can excite students about a wide variety of subjects. Creating a webpage designed to showcase the knowledge the class has gained about a historical or literary topic, for example, can make the past seem relevant. Technology also gives access to data students would not have been able to retrieve in the past. For example, to make a math lesson more relevant, teachers could ask students to calculate how many calories they eat over the course of a week, using an online calorie counter, add up the total, and then average how many calories they eat per day. "The emergence of social networking technologies and the evolution of digital games have helped shape the new ways in which people are communicating, collaborating, operating, and forming social constructs. In fact, recent research is showing us that these technologies are shaping the way we think, work, and live. This is especially true of our youngest generations -- those arriving at classrooms doors, soon to be leaving them and entering the workforce and society-at-large" (Klopfer, et al. 2012: 1). Some teachers have even used popular role-playing games such as Civilization to enable students to better understand scientific and historical phenomena in an engaging and interactive fashion (Klopfer, et al. 2012: 3-4).

But while technology provides a rich source of ways for students to creatively research and showcase information, students must learn how to use it in an appropriate fashion. Understanding how to identify a credible vs. A an unreliable online source; understanding what is meant by 'peer-reviewed;' how to spot biases; learning how to…

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