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Client Stressors Case Study



According to the Betty Neuman model, intrapersonal stressors are "internal environmental interaction forces occurring within the boundary of the client, between client sub-systems," (12). This commonly includes physical, psychological and emotional issues that become stressors for each particular case. The clear intra-factors in this case are the presence of a kidney infection, acute lower abdominal pain, the fact that she is not taking any medications. She has been staying hydrated, a previous back muscle injury in the past. The patient has been having heavier menstrual cycles with worse cramping, no breast tenderness, did not pass clogs, she believes she is getting close to experience menopause, no prior abnormal paps or STDs, normal mammogram and pap last year, did have surgery for PPTL in 1977 after her third child was born, does not douche, previous hospitalization for back pain 5 years ago, recently went to the ER for her kidney infection with no prior history of UTIs or kidney infections prior to that incident. She does not drink alcohol or use drugs. She walks around 2 miles in the morning about 3 to 4 times per week. She was drinking coffee, but stopped since the kidney infection has only been drinking cranberry juice and water since. An examination proved that she has pronounced CVA tenderness and lower lumbar tenderness on the right side, with only slight tenderness on the left side. She is currently menstruating and using a tampon.


Interpersonal stressors are described as "external environment interaction forces occurring outside the boundary of the client but at a proximal range," (12). This ultimately means the immediate surroundings of the client that may contribute to his or her condition, like relationships with others, cultural changes, and changes to living environments. Some of the intrapersonal factors are the fact that her sister has had kidney stones before, there is no familial history of renal disease, her older sister had started menopause around the age of 51 and had started having heavier cycles and cramps just prior to starting the change. She has enjoyed a satisfying sexual relationship with her spouse of 18 years, has only had two sexual partners in her whole life, does not…

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