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IBM is well-known for its diversified product offerings and unparalleled scale with regards to SaaS offerings. IBM is highly regarded as one of the top ten cloud offerings in the market. The HR department of a small business has the ability to use and implement the extensive scale and expertise of IBM's SaaS offerings. First, IBM has unparalleled reach and expertise. By working with many small and large businesses, IBM has the ability to customize solutions to the appropriate HR department. IBM offers over 100 applications that range from analytics to workforce analysis to employee engagement. Each of the applications is catered to maximizing the HR potential and efficiency of any business irrespective of size. Due to its extreme depth IBM can offer catered and customized solutions for each client. Although IBM offers a much more robust product offering than competitors, it currently requires a much higher fixed cost investment. Many of IBM's products often require large start up times to install and properly implement. The lag between purchase and actual implementation can be a hindrance from small businesses. In addition, the larger...


These larger costs are often difficult for small businesses to absorb as oppose to their much larger and financially secure counterparts. For these reasons small businesses often elect to use niche or specialized SaaS offerings. These niche players are much more nimble and flexible while also providing services at a much lower cost. In many instances businesses must choose between the higher costs and greater breadth of service offered by IBM or the cheaper more speacilized services offered by competitors.

Another smaller, but much more nimble SaaS solution is offered by Demandware. Demandware provides a much more streamlined approach to its cloud based offerings as compared to its larger counterpart at IBM. With Demandware HR departments do not have the ability to use the large breadth of offerings provided by IBM. Instead, this SaaS offering is much more specialized and thorough in its approach. Demandware generates revenues through creating and servicing clients' e-commerce activities, including online presence, omni channel integration, or customer relationship management. Demandware takes a percentage of sales generated through these channels. In regards to HR, Demandware simply charges a subscription fee for use. The offerings are almost entirely cloud-based which lowers the amount of cost and lag between implementation. However,…

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