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Some times on my workdays, I encounter challenges and obstacles that I need to be ready to face. Some customers are not happy with the coffee rooms and demand a refund. Besides, other guests become extremely angry and may want to inform the senior management. Our competition is other coffee houses, which is right next to us. The hotel is closed for now, but a lot of work is being done to it such as the interior and exterior. Since this hotel will be opening up in a few months, we need to be ready to compete with them. We need to advertise our company and try to offer more than they are. The required specifications of my job have changed. It is now a requirement to wear uniforms to work and act as professional as possible (Sehgal, 2011, p. 337).

Changing technology has not threatened my position, although we are in a bad debt from the innovations that are currently happening. Conducting business activities in the winter season is super slow; we try to catch back up during spring/summer. Recovery from a slight recession may take time (Hotel Marketing Plan, 1996-2012). Many of our weaknesses could harm our business and produce a loss in sales. Evidently, a budget plan needs to be made and followed to serve our guests better and succeed against our competitor (Schwarz & Goodbody 2007, p. 56).

A practical and reflective approach

Practically, the business is getting its avenues of performance in the Luton market. Several procedures of production have been exemplified within all the product mechanics. It will be very practical to have the coffee business established within Luton. This is one of the places that suit a business of this nature. In many cases, the aspects of production that have been used to support the entire idea of production are related to the avenues of production (Lynch, Diezemann & Dowling 2003, p. 32). The group members had to gauge on the practicality of the matters of production in order to meet the specifications that have been given within the market. For instance, the coffee business will fetch enough profits the moment it will hit well in the market. The main challenges that are going to be experienced are related to the production avenues that have been strategized within the business. In many cases, it would be very simple for the production avenues to be accomplished without having to meet the specifications of the production data. The procedures established are related to the practicality that has been witnessed in many other businesses globally. Therefore, it would be very easy to have a general avenue of production that works towards meeting the details of clients in the market. The market where the clients are found dictates the practical nature in which the business will be able to live (Brown 1992, p. 56). Some of the practical aspects that will be used in the market include:

Exploration of the market in order to spell the immediate needs of the clients

Considering the requirements that come with the specifications given by the customers

Maintenance of an equitable scale of production that lies within the present avenues of production

Having a fair share within the profits and the prices of the different coffee varieties in the market

Reflecting the future by stating on diversity and creativity within the avenues of production in the market

Team formation

A group of members who have a common avenue of production and intention in the market will form the team. For instance, the team members will be required to have sound tracks of initiatives and vision for the coffee business. All the team members are strangers in the first place. Nonetheless, their dedication in pursuit of knowledge and productivity will force for a close meeting and relation in the market. The commonality of dreams and vision will reflect in the specifications that are of importance to the business. In most cases, the business will be based on different directions of production that come from the different members of the group in the market home (Vantreese, 1990, p. 70). The team will be allocated different roles within the production paradigms in the market. For instance, there will be no specified direction in which the avenues of production will be of any importance in the market. The market is the central place that will dictate the specified activities together with the roles of the different members. In most cases, the different roles will be specified within the production guidelines that try to have a solid avenue of production and sustainability in the market (Sehgal, 2011, p. 339).

The contract

The contractual terms will be specified for the different roles and members of the team. For instance, the business will have its own rules and regulations that try to meet the defined terms and conditions in the market. The marketing avenues will be directed at having a solid background that wins all the measures of production in the market. The members will be part of the directed terms and conditions within the business. In most cases, it will be a matter of the truth for the business to assume a specified avenue of performance that considers the interests and claims of all the members (Lynch, Diezemann & Dowling 2003, p. 32).

For instance, several avenues of production will try to win the specified needs of the members. The terms and conditions in place will be measured in accordance to the contributions of each member. In other words, it has become a common ground for many production guidelines to have specifications that are within the lines of production. The members will be able to share the accrued benefits in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions. The contractual terms will be life towards the realization of dreams and vision of the business in the market. The aspects of expansion and growth will be based on the contractual terms and conditions that have been established in the market. Moreover, it will be possible to access the benefits accrued to the business when all terms and conditions of performance have been met by the business (Brown 1992, p. 44).

Team roles

The team roles will vary in accordance with the responsibilities at hand. In many cases, the team managers and coordinators like the position in which I take will run the business. Moreover, the other members who are part of the team will be assigned different roles that are supposed to be accomplished within the specified time in the market. For instance, some of the members will be accorded the roles of production, service, marketing, logistical management, and auditing processes. Furthermore, a member who has an innate experience in running the business will run the avenue of production. Experiences will be needed in the business in order to boost the hopes of resting within an equitable state of performance in the market.


Leadership is a preserve for all the members within the business. The business and its avenues of production will manage the leadership trends. In most cases, it will; be very easy to have a generalized leadership market. The market will require members who will be able to work within the specified terms and hence meet the demands of the market. The marketing techniques that are used in the market will be explored with an intention of trying to live within a set principle of leadership. In most cases, it will be easy for the marketing avenues to be exemplified by all the members.


The cultural setting that has been established by the business environment is geared towards the realization of the basic avenues of production in the market. The set cultural features in the market will help in the realization of the desired needs and production within the coffee business. Initially, the briefing paper identified the fact that the nature of culture will work towards the realization of the factors of production that try to meet the specified needs in the market. In order to make sensible qualifications, it will be very important for the coffee business to relate to the cultural diversity in Luton. Moreover, the structure of operation within the company should be able to reflect on the cultural diversity within the business environment.

Recommendations and solutions

The coffee business is a huge opportunity for the group. The potentials that are found within the business are large enough to bring out an immediate advantage of the business in the market. The marketing options that will be taken by the business will reflect on the immediate and future challenges within the paradigms of production. The briefing paper has managed to explore on different avenues of production within the coffee business. The specifications of the Luton market show that there is a possibility of success to be registered with the business. Moreover, it will be very possible to access…

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