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Chaney Allen chronicles her struggle with alcoholism in a world dominated by whites. The subject of the book is as much racism and discrimination as it is alcoholism and the tough times Allen faced while trying to become sober. Raised in a small town outside Alabama during Depression years, Allen was faced with many obstacles in her way to be a successful and useful citizen. She turned to alcohol to seek refuge from the many problems surrounding her including poverty. It was in late 1960s that she made a commitment to God and herself that she would never drink again and has thus been sober since 1968. In few years, she managed to get her degree, pursue further education and become a consultant and an ultimate authority on the subject of substance abuse and alcoholism among minorities.

Current role in society

Allen had decided to spend the rest of her life helping others especially those who had been in similar situation like herself. She wanted to extend a helping hand to black women consumed with feelings of failure and defeat. She kept her promise and today actively works for the rehabilitation of alcoholics in the U.S. Her work is mostly concentrated in California as she is the founder of California Black Commission on Alcoholism and also laid the foundation of California Women's Commission on Alcoholism. Allen also goes around the country to…

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