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This allows for people to work toward removing a few pounds gain rather than many if weigh-ins occur less frequently. Weight obsession is a very possible outcome of this kind of independence, but the truth is that one needs to be aware of weight in order to work with it. Third, a healthy pattern of self-discussion about weight, the factors that an individual currently engages in that lead to weight changes, and making plans to manage weight is exceptionally helpful - Mom's not there to tell you you're fat on a daily basis (which is good for
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some, but still means that no one is going to be the voice of body reason and awareness except for you).

Ultimately, freshmen experience a host of pressures both good and bad that can result in weight gain. What is important to keep in mind is that good preparation prior to attending college is critical to successfully navigating the waters of independence. Learning how to make good choices among all the bad food choices on college campuses will also have a good effect upon weight. Finally, making sure to include exercise as part of daily life will add the final element necessary to…

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