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freshman college students do not have the option to live off campus. Instead, they are forced to live in dorms the first year. For many students, however, the cons of on-campus far outweigh the benefits. Financial motivations, the ability to study, lifestyle choices, and roommate compatibility are some of the many reasons why freshmen should have the right to choose their housing situation.

Many financially challenged students may find it more affordable to live off campus. They can reduce their housing expenses by living with relatives or friends, finding an apartment to share with several roommates or renting out a cheap room. Students burdened by financial issues should not be restricted in their options to make college more affordable.

For many freshmen, the dorm does not provide
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an ideal study and work environment. They find the dorms too noisy and the presence of a roommate in a small space too intrusive to concentrate on their studies. Students should be allowed to decide for themselves which environment will allow them to perform the best that they possibly can.

Certain lifestyle choices make it difficult, if not impossible, to live in a dorm. For example, dietary restrictions may require students to have access to their own kitchen facilities. Others may find putting up with messy dorms and shared bathrooms to be unpleasant. Gay students may prefer to have an off-campus residence to avoid discrimination. And, some students may wish to avoid the party lifestyle common in college dorms. Whatever the circumstances, a healthy…

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