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¶ … Personal Strengths and Weaknesses

Personal and professional accountability

Personal growth and development


Ethical behavior and practice


Professional association involvement




I am quite satisfied with my educational life. Having spent many years in diligent studying I have obtained practical knowledge. I maintain ethical values rigorously as I feel obligated to maintain integrity as a part of my upbringing. Ethics is a very sensitive aspect of healthcare and any false step may spoil your career. Despite my professional development and certifications, I believe I have not developed personal association and connection. Socializing for professional gain is quiet helpful to be familiar with other professionals and to know your own level and I consider I still have a lot to learn in this area. To know each other problems, socializing helps a lot. Exchanging information and strategies can be very beneficial and I need to work on this aspect.

Career planning

Knowing your role


Knowing your future


Positioning yourself


I am very well-aware of my present job responsibilities and what is expected from me in my current position. I feel a professional should set the benchmark and keep evaluating his or her performance according to that benchmark. I have already practiced it in the past and discovered it to be quite beneficial. Despite understand the career planning, I feel it needs improvement. I am aware of the requirements of my career objectives and I feel through effective planning, I can accomplish my goals. Due to inability of effective planning, I have to learn more to project myself. Despite knowing the destination, I am unable to find the right path that would lead me to my destination. I consider believe that, by working on this aspect, I can evolve as an expert. I also consider myself less flexible and want to improve in this area too.

Personal journey disciplines

Shared leadership/council management


Action learning


Reflective practice


I believe in shared leadership. I have a sense when to retreat...


Changing my responsibility from leader to follower does not hurt my ego and I can do it without reservations and inhibitions. I don't believe in 'I', when it comes to teamwork. To be successful as a team, delegation of responsibility and working together should be the tact. I usually use my knowledge of previous decisions and their results, and this has made me able enough to improve my decision- making skills over a longer period. I can give authority to my team easily and encourage them to find out solutions to the problems through innovative, if unconventional approaches.

Reflective practice reference behaviors/tenets

Holding the truth


Appreciation of ambiguity




Holding multiple perspectives without judgment


Discovery of potential


Quest for adventure towards knowing


Knowing something of life


Nurturing the intellectual and emotional self


Keeping commitments to oneself

Novice following strict ethical guidelines, brings a sense of uprightness. I am also able to work and find my way through difficult circumstances. This helps gain vast experience in problem-solving ability. Variety of people and their experiences are encouraged and I am able to form a fostering environment that creates respect and open-mindedness towards different people and opinions. By establishing mutually beneficial place of knowledge, I am able to create learning environment for people. It is, however, difficult for me to enhance my emotional self and moderation. In the present world moderation is imperative which I find difficult to maintain.

Discuss how you will use your current leadership skill set to advocate for change in your workplace.

For all people who work in a professional framework, leadership is a very essential behavioral skill. As, I am able to work effectively in teams and can form cooperative framework of knowledge-exchange, I feel myself competent to change my working environment. To be adjustable…

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