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¶ … Language & Intelligence in Psychology

The author of this report is to answer to two general questions relating to psychology and how much (or little) it interweaves with thinking, language and intelligence. Indeed, being able to process information and being able to prod patients in the right way is important. The first question to be answered is how important thinking, language and intelligence are to the field of psychology. The second question is why and how this topic is relevant one's chosen major or concentration and/or future career goals. While thinking, language and intelligence are sometimes overblown, there is no doubt how important it is how important those things are to operating as a psychologist or in the general psychology field.


When it comes to language, the class text speaks volumes about language when it speaks about language. Constructing one's speech properly relating to syntax, tone, terms used and so forth is very important. If a person who labels himself as a psychologist does not speak or write well, it will tend to reflect negatively on the psychologist and there is a lot of reasons out there in the ether that are probably somewhat correct. In short,


Just getting the grammar down pat is not enough as there has to be a "way with the words" rather than just being robotic about what things mean literally and what they could mean in a more figurative since. The author of this report would point to the words about fire and rebirth. However, even people that sing or talk about fire and rebirth do not literally mean that they could or would burn themselves. Children, as the class text states, are very blunt, open and honest. They do not even understand sarcasm or metaphors in general as they have not advanced to that point as of yet (Feldman & Feldman, 2011).

The intelligence factor is much more complex. People define intelligence different ways. Of course, there are as street smarts vs. book smarts in the eyes of many. Many people possess one but not the other while others are lucky to have both. As stated by the text, "it is clear from this example that the term intelligence can take on many different meanings. Psychologists themselves directly address this subject. They refer to a condition and trait such as G-Factor. One gist of that subject is that people that trend well on some tests will usually trend well on others. To take things a bit further, many psychologists conflate all sub-types of intelligence. As is obvious by now, intelligence…

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