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¶ … communication barriers do you think are most likely to affect Brian Dunn when communicating via social media with Best Buy employees? When trying to communicate with employees via social media, there are several communication barriers that Brian Dunn will experience. The first is that the message that he is trying to pass across to the employees may be overshadowed by the huge clutter of tweets from the various people that the employees follow Evans & McKee, 2010.

As explained, there are many irrelevant tweets such as the example of having a taco that may overshadow the real important ones such as a communication from Brian Dunn.

Secondly is the security breach that was encountered by Brian Dunn when a hacker sent out a tweet using his account that "I've been having a lot of great sex lately, and here's why." This is a barrier to communication since it may make the employees not to take Brian seriously any longer. They may think that his messages are not important for their roles as employees and thus ignore others that may be important Haenlein & Kaplan, 2010()

Which barriers do you think are most likely when communicating with Best Buy customers?



Secondly is the viral way in which a negative communication can be passed on. A good example is as described regarding the video that gave a negative depiction of Best Buy. Stopping a viral spread can be quite difficult since though the video can be taken down, there can be bad effects arising as people will discuss the video both offline and online.
Third is the situation where when his account was hacked and an obscene tweet sent out, many customers may view this as unprofessional behavior by Brian Dunn and thus ignore his communications.

How effective of a listener is Brian Dunn?

Brian Dunn is a great listener. In terms of capitalizing on speed of though, he listens to the speaker and weighs the evidence to see the admissibility. He listens for any useful information as described concerning his behavior on social media and thus he is able to find an area of interest in the speaker. He also does not get worked up but withholds judgment until the situation is analyzed. He gives the speaker full attention and is…

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