Communication Challenges For Project Managers Unit 3 Essay

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Communication Challenges for Project Managers

Unit 3 The first article that details the pitfalls of communication for project managers is Foong's "Effective communication: a challenge to project managers." This article focuses on the various points of difficult project managers might encounter while attempting to communicate with people during the tenure of a project. Those pitfalls most eminently include a range of stakeholders, various factors of diversity for project team members, and the lack or inefficacy of a communication plan explicitly for a particular project. The diversity that project managers are sure to encounter include geographical, educational, and experiential factors that can greatly vary amongst those working on a project. Moreover, project managers need to not only create a communication plan that is inclusive of both stakeholders and team members, but they must also specifically tailor it to meet the various needs of these people (Foong, 2014).

Sweeney's "Top five


However, this article focuses on solutions to those difficulties, and only acknowledges the latter implicitly. This article contextualizes communication in the larger frame of establishing relationships based on trust and understanding. To that end, the author advocates the practice of active listening and establishing priorities upon which to base communication. The author's point is that these methods will enable individuals in project management positions to foster the sort of understanding in professional relationships that makes communication less arduous, and more efficient.

Chapter 4 review question: An effective charter should specify the goals of a project. It should at least include the objectives, participants, and the scope of a project.

Chapter 3 review question: A strong project matrix is distinct from a weak functional matrix in that the former is much more specific and outlines the particularities of a project than the latter.

Spanish 101


1. tengo. 2. tienen. 3. tenemos. 4. Tengo. 5. tiene.

Unit 3

Me gusta correr. Me gusta limpiar el caballo. Me gusta el perro. Me gusta cosinar pescado. Me gusta tomar. Me gusta leer libros.

No me gusta hoy. No me gusta bailar. No me gusta comer. No me gusta enteder Ingles. No me gusta practicar guitarra. No me gusta aprender.

Activity 2.22

1. el tia 2. Madre 3. Hijo. 4. El primo 5. Hermanos. 6. Sobrino. 7. La esposa 8. abuela


Foong, M.Y.…

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